Our Weekend in Pictures

Our weekend was really productive and relaxing.  Saturday we went out for coffee at six a.m. since Si woke at 5:30.  We spent the day cleaning the whole house, watching the snow fall, playing with Si, and starting to round up a few baby things.  (Yes, the office is still that ugly.  It’s on the list.)

Sunday, Mary Kay and Roger came for an overnight since they had a long weekend.  MK and I perused the baby girl clothes at Target and impulse bought a coat–way fun.  Party foul:  no pictures of MK and Rog.  Football, Target and Thai food.  Great Sunday in our book.  Tim and I escaped for a breakfast date and found an awesome diner!  We really needed that.  We love diner breakfast.

Today I left the boys home and met our Bloomington friend Lyss (and little Layna!) in Indy to visit, drink a beautiful coffee, and borrow some baby things.  I miss her.  Goose the Market in downtown Indy is so amazing!  It feels like Europe–gelato, superb coffee, gourmet cheeses and meats cured in-house, and a huge wine cellar with giant farm tables in the basement.  I was in love!  I can’t wait to take Tim there.

Si’s in this tornado mode where he wants the contents of every cabinet, drawer and basket on the floor.  It’s not the best choice for a kid learning how to walk and it’s a little hard on the parents who reset the house at every nap time.  And so we spent a large part of the early weekend cleaning the house from top to bottom and childproofing the kitchen.  It feels so much better in here!  The house actually stayed pretty clean for an entire weekend.  We’re onto something…



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