14 months


Silas P,

Well, I’m getting a D- for writing you letters every month, but I am keeping up your baby journal. Apparently the goal should be quarterly letters. Nonetheless…

Fourteen months old! In the last month you started walking, got two teeth on the bottom which totals 14 chompers, celebrated three Christmases, and found out you were going to have a little sister. It’s been a big month!

At long last, you like the books that make animal noises when you push the button. You’ve even decided the previously dreaded elephant noise is funny as long as a grown up is nearby. Of course you insist on pushing it and panicking repeatedly when we’re not nearby. You love playing with balls and your stacking/nesting boxes. I love that you started bringing me books and asking to sit in my lap (“more more!”) to read them together! Until now, you have been quite independent about books and would read them on your own but forsake them at the first sign of company. It’s so fun to read them over and over again and watch your face as you know what’s coming next.

We have four more months until your sister arrives. We brought back a baby doll from Honey’s house to practice being gentle. You like to kiss her head, but you really like to honk her nose and bite her fingers. Daddy’s a little worried about the honking, but I know you’ll be so excited to see your little sibling and we will all learn together. You started saying a few two syllable words, including baby. Exciting! You love babies so much–I am anxious to see you as a big (but still very little) brother.

Speaking of words, you have so many! And you understand so many more. You are saying cheese, whoa, more, all done, ball, bonk, baby, thank you, up, down, keekaboo, mama, dada, ding ding ding, choo choo, kitty, drink, cup, again, bath, eat, cracker, and more that I can’t think of. Lots of (largely dutchy) talking! And lots of walking! After four months of standing, you decided New Years Day was a good time to take off for good. You’re very stable! Already getting speedy and trying to play chase on foot. So sweet.  When your sea legs kick in, we know it’s nap time.

You are still fascinated with machine and truck noises, especially firetrucks and the vacuum. I love your playful little spirit–you love to engage a grown up and play hide and seek, chase, or mimic whatever we are doing. You get more fun with each passing month! I love to watch your brain absorb the world, exploring and eating things you should and shouldn’t. You’ve begun bringing me things you know you shouldn’t have (cords, pens, glasses) with an arm outstretched, saying “thank you!” and giving it to mama. You also get your head so far down into the play barn that I’m sure you’ll fall in, all the while saying “THANK you!” while meaning “please help me get these godforsaken creatures out of the bottom of the barn”. It’s very, very cute. And one day soon you WILL fall in, I know it. And it will be cute, too.

Happy fourteen months, little babaloo!  We love you oh so much.


Mama and Daddy


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