Piggy Bank

We are fast approaching the day we have a 14 month old.  We are preparing ourselves for our ever curious tot by reading some positive discipline parenting books and remembering to be grateful that there are two of us to tag team the supervision of the cat food/cords/outlets/pyrex.  Up until now, we did very little planning or reading, but we did make one important decision.  Tim and I decided when Silas was born that we would ask for contributions for his 529 fund for holidays since we got Oliver’s clothes, toys, books, shoes, coats, and everything else a little boy could need (and then some).

But there was another hope involved with the request.  We want our kids to enter adulthood knowing they go with the support of not only us, but our two huge, strong families as well.  We will be able to say “the world is your oyster, kid, and know that we have all been saving our pennies for you and dreaming dreams for you for the last eighteen years in anticipation of all the amazing things you will do”.  What a remarkable gift, right?

We are very grateful and continually surprised by those of you contributing.  In less than fourteen months, this fellow has about $1000 in the college fund.  Amazing!  We will thank you for him since he has no idea what an enormous gift this is.  Truly, thank you.


3 thoughts on “Piggy Bank

  1. Yay Silas! That is awesome. Aaron and I are planning something similar with our future kiddos and have also talked about doing this for our nieces and nephews (especially on the years we don’t celebrate together).

    • We live in such a world full of stuff that we are struggling to keep our house clean and filled with things we actually use. This has been great for us! Warning: ask though you might, people will insist on buying gifts regardless of contributions or requests. It’s just too fun to resist. 🙂

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