So, after the big news about Little Baby yesterday, we have been adjusting to the thought of a little bambina running around with Silvano P.  Crazy!  We’re excited, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m feeling a little daunted.  

My first thought was “I hope she’s a tomboy–we have soooo many boy clothes!”  And then, within mere hours, I had a few friends offer hand me downs from their well dressed little ladies.  Huzzah!  I am feeling much less stressed on that front, and I know she has two grammies who are dying to buy soft little girl outfits, anyway.  I’m still not opposed to a tomboy.

My second thought was a little more sobering.  How do you raise a girl in our society to be kind and compassionate and productive, all the while loving herself and being proud of who she is?  This last part is the real kicker for me.  I find it really challenging to find a single woman in my life who loves herself above body issues, self confidence obstacles, or any other challenge that is self imposed.  Mamas of girls, help me out here.  How do you instill self worth?  And if the answer is by modeling it, I have some work to do, which is perhaps the underlying issue here that’s stressing me out.  Sigh.  It’s good that we have some years before this is a real issue, but nevertheless it’s on my mind.  Tim, on the other hand, is happy as a lark.  It’s adorable.  He will be a great daddy to a little girl.  I foresee some interesting dress up and imaginative play scenarios in his future.


I can’t believe we are halfway through this pregnancy already.  I am due May 25, but I am secretly hoping she decides to cook a while longer and comes in June.  I always, always wanted a June baby!  I wouldn’t complain if she had a bit more weight on her than Si did.  He was a tiny five pounder and two weeks early.  Take your time, Little Baby!  I have a feeling she will be bigger anyway because I have been feeling so great (read: eating) this time around.  I am really enjoying pregnancy this time, which I assume is from a combination of feeling great and also knowing what to expect.  I literally had every symptom on the monthly chart last time–no wonder it was a little miserable.  I couldn’t figure out why people had more than one baby on purpose.  Thankfully, I only have a handful of symptoms this time and I have plenty of energy left to be excited about our changing family.   

We are going to get out the Moses basket in the next few months and practice putting the baby doll in it and patting her gently.  “Gently” isn’t really one of Si’s defining adverbs, as was quite evident with the toy puppy he got for Christmas.  Gulp.  Any other tips for preparing an under 2 year old for a new sibling?  I’ll do a little research, but I’d love tips from people I actually know.  Oliver is really excited about the baby girl, but a little worried about the energy it’s going to take to take care of “two of them”.  He said “I hope you don’t have a hundred babies in there!”  Me, too, kid.  He wrapped up the conversation by telling me he thinks her name should be Chipmunk.  Clearly he doesn’t remember the story about the not-dead chipmunk that MamaCat delivered to me in our house in the woods.  

I made an early morning run to Target to stock up on some supplies for the next few bitterly cold, snowy days.  Looking forward to closing the long winter vacation with a few days of nesting.  We might even get a bee in our bonnet and do a project!  But probably not.  There are a few waiting in the wings for some not too distant weekend when we feel energetic.  

Stay warm and enjoy the weekend!  


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