We are having a two part holiday break.  

The first week of our holiday we traveled to and from Onarga, to and from Kankakee, then to and from Alex.  We were gone from Saturday to Wednesday and it was quite the family filled whirlwind!  We did saw both of our immediate and extended families, including Rob and Chrislin who flew in from Texas!  So nice to have everyone in one spot.  We got so many practical, beautiful gifts all around–we are very fortunate to have such generous families and holidays.  Silas is still totally reveling in his holiday surprises and we will even get to use his sled today since we got more snow–thanks, Santa!  

I failed to take holiday photos–Kait has them all, so I will have to wait on those.  Here are two from Christmas Eve and Day:


We’ve spent the second week of our holiday time in full on hibernation and it has been pure recuperation.  Tim’s had the same pajama pants on for three days.  (Don’t tell him I told you!)   We had a visit from Aaron and Misha this week since they were in town from Seattle.  So nice to have a few hours to just relax and chat, and I’m pretty sure Si wanted to go home with Aaron.  Turns out Aaron’s a pretty fun guy to play with.  

We also graduated to a fully mobile, walking babe this week on the same day that he got his thirteenth tooth (with one more close behind).  Despite wrestling with a cold we picked up from family travels and some serious teething, Si has been a happy camper this week (during the day at least) having both of us home to play chase and sing Christmas songs while he dances.  We also got a 53 degree day and went to the park!  Gotta love Indiana weather.  We got back to good sleeping last night, so I think he’s feeling better from his cold.  We used Hyland’s Cough and Cold homeopathic medicine for him this time and it was AWESOME.  I will do a baby product round up soon, but just in case you need it now, try it out!


This afternoon we have our 20 week ultrasound to make sure Little Baby is cooking like s/he should be.  We are contemplating keeping the gender a secret for a few weeks until we can plan a gender reveal party just for fun, but if we can’t stand it, we’ll be back shortly with an update.  

Hope the holiday has treated you kindly and you feel loved, warm, and slightly spoiled.  



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