Big Baby

In big baby news, Si had his one year check today and he’s so big.  He has looked tall lately (I think it’s the jeans), but he actually has grown so much.  He was 22 pounds and 31 inches tall this morning.  He’s a giant!  I’m sorry to say he’s a high allergy kid…  don’t give him peanut butter cookies with milk.  He can’t have either.  Aside from the 2 days of molar teething, Si has been consistently sleeping 10-13 hour stretches at night.  Merry Christmas to us, eh?  And it only took a year.

In little baby news, we have lots of wiggling going on in there and we will find out what we’re having and how s/he’s doing developmentally on January 2nd.  I still feel fantastic, and last week I became a ravenous monster at pretty much all times.  Silas and I could compete in some sort of competition.  But we won’t.  But we might with all the delicious holiday food coming our way.

We met our new pediatrician today and we really like her.  She will be little baby’s doctor as well, so it’s nice to know her now.  We loved Dr. Malone in Bloomington, so we were a little discouraged about finding a new doctor, but we’re happy!  We are classic granola in that we prefer natural medicine to Western/American medicine and she seems totally on board with that approach to whole health.  I also adore my midwife, speaking of natural medicine.  The pediatrician and midwife searches were pretty daunting when we first moved, but all worry was for naught.  Huzzah!

We’ve been enjoying the winter wonderland up here in the “North” as we call it.  Mary Kay and Rog came for the weekend.  It was a cozy weekend–we didn’t do much, but we got to enjoy good company and several inches of snow.  We haven’t made cookies yet at our house, but we watched Rudolph and listened to Christmas music.  We made cookies with kid friends John and Thor last week–fun!  Silas is loving the big windows with the snowy landscapes and so am I.  I’ll be glad when Tim doesn’t have to drive so much in the dark when it’s slick, though.

Some pictures of our weekend:


The last picture is Silas talking to Daddy on the “phone” like we do in the evening before bed.  But first he threw the diapers all over the living room like they were confetti.  He’s developed quite the throwing arm all of a sudden.

We’re ready for the weekend–may the holiday festivities begin!


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