Ok, that’s probably totally a stretch, but we’re working on it.  We’ve decided to pick one focus a month for feeling rooted and connected here in our new home and community and December is our socialization month!  This is hard for me as an introvert and hard for Tim as a guy who spends the week away from home.  Nevertheless, we are committed to finding friends here and we are doing a great job so far.  

Saturday afternoon we had hometown friends come visit, which was much needed and really enjoyable.  Dan, Robyn and the kiddos came to play for a few hours and eat pizza and it was awesome.  Again, we don’t get out much.  This week, I planned a library outing with my only new acquaintance here, Freda, and her two little boys.  I met her on craigslist buying a rug.  (Of course I did.)  Despite the bitterly cold morning, we went and it was nice!  Si and I got library cards and explored a few sections of the library.  I even forced myself to talk to the mom in the darling yellow coat and make friends with her, and it turns out she is lovely!  Her daughter is not yet two and she is due again one week after I am.  They’ll come to play next week and then we coordinated story time at the library for next week as well.  I feel really proud and social!  And I feel like the library is that much more familiar now that I will know someone at story time.  Silly, I know. 

Here’s the thing.  Libraries have always been a haven for me in new cities, and this time around I was really reticent to go for a few reasons:  one, Silas is not a good car rider and nothing–truly almost nothing–is worth ruining a nap for, not even the library, and two, I loved loved loved our Bloomington library so much that I knew I’d be disappointed with this one, regardless of how great it was, so I wanted to allow a little time to forget the old and anticipate the new.  It worked.  I’m grateful for the new library, despite its much smaller size and selection and I am ready to browse the stacks and forget the world for an hour every few weeks with gratitude instead of disappointment.  I’m really looking forward to going back alone one evening this week when Tim is home!  Nerd alert.

Speaking of gratitude, Tim and I are focusing our attention on our energy and trying to eliminate the things that make us feel negatively.  My biggest and first one was Facebook.  I love seeing pictures of our families and their kids and experiences, but I hate the politics and opinion pushers.  They just make me feel alienated and tired.  And so we’re signing off for a while, which means the updating will be on here with words and on Instagram with pictures ( or on your mobile).  There should be a link at the bottom of this post if you’d like to subscribe, which means a link to the newest post will be emailed to you after I post it.    

We’ve been pretty wordy lately and lacking in pictures, so I’ll try to remedy that soon.  


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