Settling In

So, three months into life in Lafayette to the day, Silas turned one.  Since then, life has been a little hectic.  Apparently I’m only going to be blogging every two weeks while Tim works away from home and does grad school, the babe is learning to walk, and I am growing a human.  Forgive us–we’ve got a lot on our plates these days.

A few days after Si’s birthday, my Papaw had an aortic aneurism, and a few days after that he had open heart surgery that lasted 11 hours with weak lungs and an already quintuple bypassed heart.  Four days later, he woke and recovered quickly and was moved yesterday to a rehabilitation facility closer to home.  Thanks so much for all the support (both emotional and epicurean) provided by our huge family and network of friends.  Thanksgiving came and went amid the surgery recovery.  It was bigger than usual and, gratefully, felt like a nice family gathering, despite everyone’s minds being torn between holiday and hospital.  It’s fun to see the kids all together–we need a girl amid those four boy cousins.  Just saying.

A day or two before Thanksgiving, Silas took his first steps.  He took 3 steps several times, and even 5 a few times.  Since then, he’s mostly boycotted walking independently.  I don’t mind.  After all, the toddling around on his own will necessarily be accompanied by all kinds of bumps and bruises.  For now, he’s a super speedy crawler and wobbly assisted walker and that suits us just fine.  If I have learned anything about babies or humans in general, it’s that we all take steps on our own time.  There is no rushing the feeling of being “ready”.

Speaking of ready, our little family is really trying to be ready to embrace Lafayette as our home.  At the moment we are finding it quite hard to feel settled here.  Second guessing isn’t something I do, so don’t mistake this for wishing we hadn’t moved up here.  We moved for very specific reasons and very clear criteria and we still feel very good about those.  I love our new house (I’ll love it more after it’s new paint job in the Spring) and there is a lot to take advantage of here.  It’s a college town, which means the things we value are here, they just have to sought out a bit more.

No, we don’t regret moving.  Rather, it’s just to say that with all the commuting and having Tim away so much and renovating the house and passing through the first trimester of pregnancy, we’re finding ourselves running on empty in the windows during which we should be investing ourselves in socialization and exploration of our new home town.  This is usually my favorite time of year, and even I am feeling pretty nostalgic about silly things, like our old NPR station, our old UU church, our awesome old library, and our few really close friends we saw once a month.  We don’t have those here, and it’s really time to muster some energy to invest in creating those things here.  And so we approach the winter holiday season feeling tired and disconnected, but we are very much looking forward to some time off to recharge our batteries, meet some new people, and find our niche here.   It’s our first rodeo trying to make our way in a new place as parents.  Anybody have tips for feeling connected with a babe in tow?

This week:  New trees going in on our street, thanks to the city department; stringing the lights–Silas loooooves them; pushing 16 weeks of pregnancy and feeling back to my old self these last few weeks, which is lovely.



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