Bambino Ballard

Officially, we are nearing the 14 week mark and our wiggly babe looks great!  So reassuring.  Our due date is May 25 (we thought June 6 initially, then June 1).  I have felt so good this time around and I had more anxiety about things not being “fine”, as if a sicker pregnancy is a healthier one.  Wives tales tell us so, but I know so many women who felt great and had healthy babies to boot.  Nevertheless, it was dancing around in the back of my head, so needless to say I feel calmer after seeing two arms, two legs, a sweet little profile, and lots of wiggling around.  We saw Si in utero at 9 weeks and 19 weeks and Tim missed the first of those, so he was thrilled to be with me today!  Silas munched an apple bar, oblivious to his future sibling and grinned while he chanted “aaaaaaall DONE!”.



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