November in Pictures

So, I did a terrible job documenting our life on the blog this past month.  Rest assured, we have been so busy and productive!  A quick rundown followed by a heap of pictures:

We went to Onarga the last weekend in October to celebrate Tim and Roger, since they have birthdays four days apart and to do family pictures on the Ballard side.  Welcome baby Crosby Gilbertson who was born on Timmy’s birthday!  That was really the last week of decent weather and we got some great play time in at the park in our neighborhood.

The first weekend in November was a house project weekend.  My parents and Oliver came and we got so much done!  The downstairs bath got a vanity upgrade, the garage got a total makeover and we can actually park in there now, and the office finally got spruced up to a livable state (although the floral wallpaper still haunts its residents).  So much progress!

During the week, Angela came from Italy for 3 days to celebrate her 30th birthday.  We commemorated it by dinner of her choice, which included Steak and Shake, chocolate coke, and gourmet cupcakes.  Me-ow!  It was just like old times, which is lovely.  We didn’t do a whole lot, but on a whirlwind trip from abroad, that was what the doctor ordered.  She and Rich left on Thursday and the following day our old, wonderful neighbors came to visit.  Karma and Elizabeth have been greatly missed, and as usual their company came with glorious food (E showed up with red sauce and meatballs and a gorgeous pear tart), live bluegrass for Silas who clapped and sang the whole time, and great conversation.

Saturday morning, we and the company all headed to Chicago, coincidentally.  It was Si’s first city trip, first Chicago style pizza which he loved, and a really hideous night of sleep in a hotel.  But I got to have dinner with all of Angela’s friends while Tim kept Si at the hotel, which was pretty liberating and fun!  It isn’t often that I’m without the little blue eyed appendage.  We also went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, which was a hit despite being a little frustrating. He is used to our local petting zoo and he really wanted at that giant cow.

This week we are getting ready for Si’s birthday party, which is a tiny family party, but nevertheless I have a bee in my bonnet about finishing some hefty projects.  We got a new sisal rug for the living room (love!), my brother Logan helped me trim out three entire rooms of paint, I gave the laundry room a facelift with paint and valances, and yesterday I painted all of our kitchen cabinets singlehandedly.  Today I am sanding and painting some woodwork that needs touched up and working on the backsplash.  I’m on my A game this week!

Is it just me or did Silas sprout a ton of hair this month?  We also said goodbye to beautiful leaves and hello to our first dusting of snow for the year, which makes me quite happy.

Enough words.  Missing:  pictures of Ang and Rich and Karma and Lizzie–Tim absconded with the real camera and went to work this morning.  Forgive the iphone pictures, but they’re better than nothing.



Up next:  Kait and Oliver come tomorrow, Silas has a birthday party on Saturday (the kid loves candles a little too much…), and then next week he gets the present of having his Daddy work from home three whole days, which will be wonderful.  Silas loves seeing him during the day instead of just Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday.  Bring on the birthday party!


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