Bambino Ballard

Officially, we are nearing the 14 week mark and our wiggly babe looks great!  So reassuring.  Our due date is May 25 (we thought June 6 initially, then June 1).  I have felt so good this time around and I had more anxiety about things not being “fine”, as if a sicker pregnancy is a healthier one.  Wives tales tell us so, but I know so many women who felt great and had healthy babies to boot.  Nevertheless, it was dancing around in the back of my head, so needless to say I feel calmer after seeing two arms, two legs, a sweet little profile, and lots of wiggling around.  We saw Si in utero at 9 weeks and 19 weeks and Tim missed the first of those, so he was thrilled to be with me today!  Silas munched an apple bar, oblivious to his future sibling and grinned while he chanted “aaaaaaall DONE!”.



A (Nearly) First Birthday Party



We decided to have a laid back, red balloon themed birthday for Silas to celebrate his first year.  The menu was casual with Chicago style dogs, Mediterranean veggie wraps, fresh fruits and vegetables, and Kait’s famous pasta salad with sundried tomatoes and artichoke hearts.  It was a bit of an all day affair, which was fun!  People came from a few hours away–there was no one at the party from Lafayette.  They must really love this kid to make the trip, and he was so excited.  We have video of the cupcake business, but we reenacted it today so I could snap some pictures.  He isn’t into icing–boy after my own heart.  Here are some pictures:


Bambino Ballard

So, now that the shock has subsided, people are curious about the details of this babe on the way.  We are happy to share!  Here goes.

We planned on having the babes two years apart-ish from the start.  I have worked with lots of kids in the last decade and I like the sibling vibe that happens with kids that close together, so that was always the goal.  I’m also working against a deadline with my initial practitioner license for teaching, which is only renewable for 6 years without teaching full time, so that should get us to the youngest being at least 3 when I start teaching if that’s the route we go.

You may or may not know that it took us almost a year to get pregnant with Silas, which was pretty stressful.  It only finally happened after we bought a new house, gutted it to the studs, and decided to wait a year to get pregnant.  Ta da!  Three weeks after we moved in, I got pregnant.  Fast forward to now, Tim working away from home four days a week and we move into a new house.  Three weeks later, I got pregnant again.  I’m sensing a theme…  Apparently I only ovulate when my life is in total upheaval.  Who knew? And no, we won’t be moving again.

We are at the end of week 12 of this pregnancy and it looks great so far.  Wiggly baby, strong heart beat.  I am due June 1st, give or take a week (they will adjust after an ultrasound next week).  The consensus is that I am due more like May 20 something, so these babies of mine will be 18 months apart to the week.  Oh boy!

I feel so different this time around.  With Silas, I was sicker than a dog.  Like, I couldn’t even get on Pinterest for a few months because the recipe posts would make me gag upon sight.  I was sick all day with Silas through about 22 weeks, then I felt great the second half of my pregnancy until I approached whale status, which is never comfortable.  I craved tuna salad from Subway with red vinegar, panang curry, and fresh grapefruit with my first pregnancy.  Weird, right?

This pregnancy has been much better.  Everything I read says people are typically more tired the second time, but I was not.  I was tired, yes, but last time I fell asleep sitting up on several occasions in the first trimester and even once when we had guests over for dinner!  Embarrassing.  This time I craved Chipotle burrito bowls, cobb salads, and York Peppermint Patties from the get go.  No longer.  I have moved on to BLT’s for the moment.  I feel so much better this time.  I feel a little yuck when my belly is empty, but generally I feel great with interspersed bouts of being totally sick without warning.  I threw up in front of not one, but both sets of company last week.  Sigh.

All in all, we have a lot going on with Tim working away from home and being in full time grad school until May, and adding a bun in the oven maybe isn’t the least stressful choice at this point, but we are very excited!  Silas loves other babies so very much, so he will make a stellar big brother.  I am mourning the loss of his babyhood as he is fast approaching a year in less than a week now, but that’s life, right?  I know everyone says it, but they grow so fast.  I can’t get over this amazing kid who was swaddled in my arms a year ago, tiny and new and perfect.  Sniff sniff.  The hormones make me cry about everything.  Don’t get me started on pictures of Kendra’s new baby.  I cry every time!   So precious.

Oh, and please advise on the best side by side double stroller if you’ve got opinions.  And just because people have already asked, we are undecided about whether we will have 2 or 4 at this point, but either way we will be taking a break after Bambino Ballard makes his or her appearance.  Yes, we will find out the sex–I have had at least three people tell me they’re waiting to buy dresses, but I won’t complain a bit if this is a little fellow who can take all the hand me downs from Silvano P.  Slash the cutest girl clothes ever are everywhere!  I can’t get over the baby duds these days for girls.  We’ll just take a healthy babe, and we’ll let you know after Christmas what’s a growin’ in there.

November in Pictures

So, I did a terrible job documenting our life on the blog this past month.  Rest assured, we have been so busy and productive!  A quick rundown followed by a heap of pictures:

We went to Onarga the last weekend in October to celebrate Tim and Roger, since they have birthdays four days apart and to do family pictures on the Ballard side.  Welcome baby Crosby Gilbertson who was born on Timmy’s birthday!  That was really the last week of decent weather and we got some great play time in at the park in our neighborhood.

The first weekend in November was a house project weekend.  My parents and Oliver came and we got so much done!  The downstairs bath got a vanity upgrade, the garage got a total makeover and we can actually park in there now, and the office finally got spruced up to a livable state (although the floral wallpaper still haunts its residents).  So much progress!

During the week, Angela came from Italy for 3 days to celebrate her 30th birthday.  We commemorated it by dinner of her choice, which included Steak and Shake, chocolate coke, and gourmet cupcakes.  Me-ow!  It was just like old times, which is lovely.  We didn’t do a whole lot, but on a whirlwind trip from abroad, that was what the doctor ordered.  She and Rich left on Thursday and the following day our old, wonderful neighbors came to visit.  Karma and Elizabeth have been greatly missed, and as usual their company came with glorious food (E showed up with red sauce and meatballs and a gorgeous pear tart), live bluegrass for Silas who clapped and sang the whole time, and great conversation.

Saturday morning, we and the company all headed to Chicago, coincidentally.  It was Si’s first city trip, first Chicago style pizza which he loved, and a really hideous night of sleep in a hotel.  But I got to have dinner with all of Angela’s friends while Tim kept Si at the hotel, which was pretty liberating and fun!  It isn’t often that I’m without the little blue eyed appendage.  We also went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, which was a hit despite being a little frustrating. He is used to our local petting zoo and he really wanted at that giant cow.

This week we are getting ready for Si’s birthday party, which is a tiny family party, but nevertheless I have a bee in my bonnet about finishing some hefty projects.  We got a new sisal rug for the living room (love!), my brother Logan helped me trim out three entire rooms of paint, I gave the laundry room a facelift with paint and valances, and yesterday I painted all of our kitchen cabinets singlehandedly.  Today I am sanding and painting some woodwork that needs touched up and working on the backsplash.  I’m on my A game this week!

Is it just me or did Silas sprout a ton of hair this month?  We also said goodbye to beautiful leaves and hello to our first dusting of snow for the year, which makes me quite happy.

Enough words.  Missing:  pictures of Ang and Rich and Karma and Lizzie–Tim absconded with the real camera and went to work this morning.  Forgive the iphone pictures, but they’re better than nothing.



Up next:  Kait and Oliver come tomorrow, Silas has a birthday party on Saturday (the kid loves candles a little too much…), and then next week he gets the present of having his Daddy work from home three whole days, which will be wonderful.  Silas loves seeing him during the day instead of just Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday.  Bring on the birthday party!