Weekend Warriors

So, Tim was in Pennsylvania all week for a conference.  While he was gone, I was on my A game for pretty much the first time since we moved in and had our initial burst of productivity.  I painted the kitchen, swapped our dining tables (after ours collapsed mid-dinner party with Matt and Alyssa–mortifying), pulled up the carpet in the office to find wood floors, and then went one step past sensible and started in on the living room uncarpeting process.  He got home at about 2am on Saturday morning, and by ten we were knee deep in floral carpet, grungy padding, and a nosy toddler.

Here’s the thing about pulling up carpet:  you never know what’s under it.  Lo and behold, the office floors were so pretty that I was blinded by their gleam.  The living room was a disaster, as we discovered with every passing inch we pulled up.  Cracked boards, missing planks, severe water damage, plywood patches, carpet tack strips installed with nails every 2 inches that splintered and came up in four inch sections while they damaged the hardwood underneath…  We spent all of Saturday working on the flooring in shifts to keep Silas out of harm’s way.  Tim dug out the tack strips, one by one, and I pulled up about six thousand staples.  Then we had experiments in wood filling, followed by sanding and painting today.

I know, people are fundamentally opposed to painting wood floors, but I assure you this was our best (short term) solution.  If it makes you sick to think about me grinning maniacally while I graywashed our living room, read no further.  We have plans to install new hardwood flooring in a year or so after we feel more solid on what we want for the space, but this is a great short term fix in our eyes.  I just couldn’t live with that flowery disaster staring me in the face day in and day out, and I want to take my time deciding what we want for the long term in this house since she’s an old gem.  It feels like we need to respect her enough to make good decisions that are appropriate for this kind of house.  I will confess that we had no plans or previous conversations about starting such an enormous project.  Tim was a trooper being my wing man after a week of travelling and really wishing he was drinking a beer and watching sports.  He even took it upon himself to paint the ceiling in the living room gray, which I am really digging now that the room is so light and airy without the dark carpeting.

Alas, the pictures.

Before (as in before paint, after carpet):




And the office, after carpet but before refinishing which is on the back burner for a while yet (pretend you don’ t notice that it’s our catch-all space that STILL hasn’t been unpacked):


I promised Tim no more house projects this week because we are going to focus on wardrobes.  Bring on the winter wear and the next size of duds for the little lad.  In the mean time, my list is started for our next working weekend and it involves guest bath updates, laundry room updates, cabinet painting, and office painting.  Booyah!  Yes, I will be enlisting help for those adventures, bless my family’s heart.


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