(Note: I know we posted when Si hit ten months, but as the days pass, he is just turning into this marvelous little person.  I am going to start writing letters to him each month instead of the update.  That way I will have something to give him later on that feels like it’s his.  Feel free to skip these posts.)

Silas P,

Ten whole months old and you are such an amazing little being!  I didn’t realize how much we would have to learn from each other, and I can’t believe how much we are both learning each day about family and love and the way the world works.  The truth is, amid the cleaning and what-are-we-having-for-dinner and running around all day long, the best parts of life happen in between naps if we let them.  It’s so hard to turn off the rest of the day, to slow down and play and just hang out with you, but it’s the most important part of motherhood to make that happen and I wouldn’t trade it for the moon.  We grown ups would do well to remember how important it is to play a little more during our grown up busy days.

When I see your face full of curiosity and zeal for all things new, I see a little boy.  You are hardly my little baby anymore!  You have always had such a habit of observation, even when you were first born.  You can thank Grandma Susie for that–she was an observer, too.  It’s a good trait, and one that leads to wisdom early on in your years.  It’s one of my favorite things about who you are.  You are persistent, sometimes bordering on relentless about those things you really want–like the power cords!–and you notice the way things work in a way that keeps me constantly surprised.  Grins that span your whole face come with the slightest funny happening, and I love that you are so quick to smile so wide that you close your eyes and scrunch your nose at the same time.  Mid-pursuit of the cat or whatever you see, suddenly you will plop down on your belly, grin at me, and kick your right foot a few times.

You have become quite the social fellow these past months, always trying to engage passersby with a “hi!” or a giant, toothy grin.  Yes, you have an impressive mouthful of 8 teeth still, and despite lots of chewing and biting (ouch) there are still just eight, which is quite enough for managing whatever food you decide you must have.  Steamed veggies are still your favorite, though lasagna, blueberries and steak could compete for the top slot.  You have decided mashes and baby-like foods are downright lame for the most part, which is alright by me.  Such a great eater!  You love healthy foods the most and I feel like a lucky mama indeed that fruits and veggies are your preferred choices.  If you hear the rustle of a wrapper or bag that could possible contain food, you say “eat!” and flail and crawl as fast as you can to pull up on my pant legs to demand at least a bite of whatever goodness might be lurking inside.  You are hilarious!  Maybe you could turn all this food love into a profession someday, eh?

Firetrucks are the toy of choice at the moment.  You make beautiful (ok, hideous) siren noises that are so charming and sweet.  In fact, anything with wheels (yes, even your push mower) has a siren noise to accompany it these days.  It’s a very musical element to your playing, and I like it that I can be in the kitchen and know exactly what you are doing.  When you get quiet, I know it’s time to come see what you’re doing.  You know, like eating a cricket or something.  (Yes, you did that yesterday.)  The farm animals are running a close second for favorite toy, largely because of those delectable legs that are perfect for molar teething.  Speaking of molar teething, I thought you’d be a fan of Sophie more these days for her molar-friendly legs, but you don’t like her at all.  In fact, ever since you fell down on the squeaky duck and it scared the daylights out of you, squeaky things have fallen largely out of favor.  I don’t blame you.  It was disconcerting.  🙂

We start our mornings with music and breakfast and some playing on the floor and it’s a good routine.  Sometimes we even have a dance party!  You are still loving Dean Martin and Elizabeth Mitchell the most, but you’re also pretty jazzed about Blurred Lines for our dance parties, which is hilarious.  Gotta love a good beat, kid.  You also really like to play the piano a few times a day.  Daddy can’t wait for you to play a song someday, although I don’t think he realizes how many more years that will be or how much you will despise piano lessons as all piano students do in the thick of it.  You’re so close to walking!  You stand by yourself just fine when you don’t pay attention, so I know it won’t be much longer before you take off.  I’m not ready for a toddling bambino!  Slow down, baby!  Ok, don’t.  Because growing is the best part of life, and I hope I’m the last person to hold you back.

Love you, little babaloosky!


P.S.  I forgot some things!  You discovered the joys of dropping things into the HVAC registers this week.  Shaking your sippy is big fun, but you always bonk your forehead, and then it’s a very sad story indeed.  Lots of sounds starting with hard G’s and some N’s.  You also have started chewing the sides of your crib, just like I did, and you love to play in your bed after you wake.  Sometimes you don’t even want to get out when I come up to get you!  You like your space for waking up, but boy are you a wallerbug when you get sleepy.  Doing a great job with your coconut milk, too, and you have almost weaned yourself except for nighttime, which is bittersweet for me but I am glad you are on your own time.  Life should always be on our own time.

image_2 (2) photo image


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