Settling in

We’ve been in the new house for a month and a week and we are finally starting to settle in.  Silas has good playing mojo, we are all sleeping well (after the diaper debacle–cloth diapering post coming soon), and Tim is adjusting to driving an hour and a half commute a few times a week.  Now that the first round of unpacking and projects are done, I am trying to muster some energy to start back in on home improvements during nap times.  I am failing for the most part.

This weekend we were in Alex to help build Kait’s deck and fence at her new house.  The guys did an amazing job!  The whole thing was framed in a day.  Her house is pretty and we love going to visit.  Now if only we could find the energy to fence our own back yard, we’d really be living high on the hog.  Silas is so in love with Oliver.  He looks at him with this big goofy grin and randomly laughs as if O is doing something hilarious when really he is standing still and not even paying attention to Si.  It’s pretty hilarious and sweet.  Oliver is so patient and such a good big cousin.  It’s fun to see them together and watch them play and interact.

While we were gone, neighbor Frank installed our new beauty of a single basin sink, faucet, garbage disposal and dishwasher.  YAY!  We are gearing up for more kitchen progress, so I will wait to post pictures of that, but this is what the house feels like this week:


Up next:  decisions about flooring (patch original stuff or gut to the subfloor and start over?), kitchen renovation, bathroom overhaul, and about six hundred other things.


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