Best Weekend Ever

Holy cow.  We just had a terribly productive, super happy weekend.

Friday, my Mama came to help me make sense of the kitchen decor, spruce up the landscaping and cut it back so we’re ready to plant in the Spring, hang the dining room curtains, clean our whole house, and grocery shop.  Such a productive day!  After my Red Bull kicked in, we got so much done and Silas just loved having his Honey here to play.

Back to the dining room improvements.  These aren’t just any curtains–they are AWESOME.  The light fixture (also awesome, I say) went up on Thursday, so adding the curtains really finishes out the dining room for the time being.  We have to trim out the walls and paint the ceiling, but other than that, I am happy with the simple but statement vibe going on in there. After working all day, we went to La Scala for dinner.  We sat on the patio this time and it was breezy but beautiful!  Silas ate more fresh herbed bread than anyone else.  No joke.  Boy after my own heart.  Si woke at five the next morning–ugh–so Mom was up and gone early, as usual.

Tim’s parents came midday on Saturday for a visit.  It was so helpful and relaxing to have them here, and they arrived with an early first birthday present for Si in the form of an all terrain Radio Flyer wagon.  He LOVES it.  He took several trips to the petting zoo at the park in it with his Grammie and Papa.  We also sanded, painted, and trimmed Si’s bedroom.  I can’t believe how much we got done in such a short window.  So nice having such a happy baby with his grandparents all weekend!  Mary Kay and I scooted out to the flea market last night where I found my dream dresser for Silas (the changing table doesn’t fit up the stairway) and I even escaped for a while for a haircut and some pampering.  Feeling good!

Here’s our weekend in pictures:

_DSC0042ImageImage_DSC0040 _DSC0049ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Look at those dusty bedroom windows!!!  Sorry!  The house feels like it’s coming together, especially after this weekend.  Painting, dishwasher install, island building work, and general unpacking are on the list for the first half of the week.  The end of the week, Silas and I will be helping Kait Garner paint her new house!!  Booyah!


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