Photo Tour

So, here’s the downstairs now that we are three weeks in.  We are still in a heavy debate about flooring, but other than that, we know where we are going with the rooms, we just don’t have a lot of time for actually making things happen yet.  Thank goodness Ness stopped by yesterday (we LOVE having Log and Ness a half hour away) and made a comment about how it looks so different every time she comes by.  It’s hard to see progress when you live in a mess, so I was glad to hear it.

I don’t do well with chaos.  I am the sort of mover who moves in, stays up most of the night unpacking and getting things a little pretty, and being done.  This (14th for both of us) move, we have so very much stuff–baby stuff–and so many more rooms than we had last time.  That’s all completely aside from the fact that the house needs a ton of cosmetic work while we live here, so we know unpacking things is largely temporary and will have to be moved again.  Yikes.  Enter Meg’s panic face.  But we’re getting there, box by box and nap by nap.

The first week, we stuck to wallpaper borders and painting projects as well as a few plumbing and un-trimming things when my family was here to help.  The second week, I unpacked and tried to get into a routine with laundry, cooking, child, and sleep patterns.  Most of those were successful.  This week (as in yesterday) I was totally freaking amazing.  Tim will be on his way home soon, but he has no idea that I painted the island, painted the door in the kitchen, beefed up the couch cushions, changed out all the 28 cabinet handles and knobs, ORB’d the door handles and locks for both doors, and had Frank, our handy neighbor, come change out the kitchen light fixtures, install 3 ceiling fans, and fix the front door lock.  Booyah!  Later this week, dining room light and dishwasher are on the Frank list, thank goodness.

If you want to peruse a few before pictures, look here:




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