Fittingly as we begin a new chapter in Lafayette, I hit thirty on Friday and began a whole new decade as well.  I think most seeking souls would agree that the twenties are like a roller coaster ride oscillating between painful and euphoric.  I’m glad to have mellowed out a little, and while I had a very fortunate twenty-something go of it with lots of traveling and living in different cities and meeting wonderful people, I am not very wistful about bidding it adieu because it just feels like it’s time.  And it is.

For my birthday, Tim came home after a three day absence to finish up his job in Bloomington.  Friday night, we Urbanspooned an Italian restaurant and found La Scala downtown.  When we got there, the patio and quaint old building storefront told me it was a winner.  And OH my goodness, was it ever a winner!  Tim and I ordered the baked brie with basil pesto and sundried tomatoes wrapped in puff pastry for an appetizer.  I got the soup of the day, which was a red pepper cream based sauce with local chicken and fresh local vegetables.  It sounds boring, but it was divine.  Then we shared an entree–a slice of their lasagna which is made with a red pepper creamy red sauce for which they are famous, and also their hand made spinach and ricotta ravioli in their basil pesto cream sauce.  Me-ow.  Served with al dente steamed squash topped with local tomatoes.  They sent us home with the best tiramisu I have ever had (and that’s saying something), which they have shipped in from Italia twice a week since it’s made properly with cultured butter, which you can’t use in restaurants in America BUT you can have shipped in as a finished product.  I swear the drive is worth it just for the tiramisu.  If you come visit us here, I will want to take you to this restaurant.  Twice.  Be prepared and hungry.  We love this place also because they use as much local food as possible, and if it isn’t local, most of it is from the motherland, beautiful Italia.  Isn’t that marvelous?  Not so marvelous–I was so hungry that I forgot to photograph the most beautiful food I ever had.  Party foul.


Saturday, my family came.  All of them!  Kait and O, Log and Ness, and my parents.  Kait tackled all the spindles and brackets with Ness (there were MANY)and Log took down wallpaper border around our 10-foot ceiling dining room.  Tim and Dad took down some hideous shower doors and powerwashed the deck while Mom and I painted the living room white.  It was such a productive Saturday!


In the evening, we had a back yard dinner party for my birthday and it was so beautiful.  We had glorious food–herb roasted chicken, asparagus with balsamic roasted tomatoes and goat cheese, roasted potatoes, Kait’s famous cheese bread, and cheesecake for dessert.  Wine was courtesy of Roger–he didn’t know we drank it for my birthday, but he left it for us for a special occasion.  Thanks, Rog!


I got the most beautiful presents.  Log and Ness made me fresh organic applesauce, blueberries, blueberry preserves, and blackberry preserves.  Kait got me a burlap covered candle holder with a bee on it (we have a thing for the imperial bee in the Garner household) and a gorgeous olive wood cutting board and honey drizzler.  Mom and Dad got me my dining room light fixture, which is a surprise for later since it isn’t here yet, and also the Domino book of decorating which was on my wishlist and they didn’t even know!  They also delivered my dining room table and my present from Tim, which is a new bed to go with the Jane Austen cloth bound Pride and Prejudice he got me.  Yay!!  Best birthday yet.


Sunday afternoon, Sara and Derek came to visit with Dylan.  Dyl and I have birthdays a week apart, so we got to swap cards and share the Leo birthday glory for a little bit.  We went to the park (our first time despite it being a block away!) and had lunch and got a nice visit in.  Mary Kay sent the most beautiful flowers with Sara for my birthday and they are sending me to get a massage once we get settled in–I’m on the hunt for a hands of steel masseuse in Lafayette.


 And just because we can’t resist adding pictures of our mister nine month old big boy, here he is:

image_7 image_2Next up:  the first befores and afters of our new digs.  Oh boy!


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