And by overhaul, I mean UHaul.  And by UHaul, I mean two of them.  Sigh.  We are officially Lafayette residents as of yesterday, August 20th, which happens to be Si’s 9 months-since-birth-day.  I can’t believe we don’t live in Bloomington, and I even more can’t believe we have a child who is 3/4 of a year old.

Let’s do the baby first.  The little big boy is so very sweet!  He is climbing stairs, pulling up to standing, walking around toys and tables and while holding onto fingers, sleeping wonderfully (until the move–some settling in will do us some good), eating everything the grown ups eat with favorites being bananas and grainy bread, making enthusiastic attempts at communicating with us, doing full downward dog all the time, and army crawling at lightning speed.  He is also growling like a dinosaur thanks to an episode of Dinosaur Train while I was packing up the kitchen.  We love him!  I think he will be walking in the not too distant future.  Look out, Mommy and Daddy!

I have been getting constant requests for pictures of the new house.  Now, don’t get all panicky about this thing–we have ideas.  And by we, I mean “I” with full creative reign and unrelenting support from the hubster.  Marry a good man–that’s all I have to say.  It just makes life easier.  Sure, any committed relationship has its foibles and it can be downright exhausting when you forget why you love each other and get sucked into the frustrations you take out on each other, but in general, just hold out for a good one.  They’re still out there.

I haven’t blogged in a while–I’m feeling a little tangential.  Sorry.

So, back to this house.  Me and my good man and our not so wee babe are tackling this thing:

_DSC0662 _DSC0661 _DSC0659 _DSC0657 _DSC0656 _DSC0647


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