We’re in it.  It’s gross.   This whole list our house/sell our house/find another house and buy it process moved hastily and we are still sort of reeling from it all.  It was a rough weekend because we lost our good ol’ neighbor dog, Seamus, who has traipsed down the lane daily since the day we moved in.  He was Si’s first canine pal and he will be missed.

Since we are furiously packing up our house to move in one week (!), I can’t get my head in the blogosphere game.  Here are some pictures to fill the void, supplied apologetically and slightly frantically.  We are tired of packing and tired of living amid stacks of boxes.  Next time we blog, we will no longer live in this house!  So bizarre.  And there will definitely be a new house reveal, which is probably precisely what you would expect of a Garner-Ballard purchase.  You know how we love a good project…

And now our life in pictures from the last few weeks.  There were parks.  There were great grandpa and great aunt visits.  There was a John’s Diner visit and lots of other baby happenings, like crawling and downward dog and trying to repeat everything we say.  Ah, parenthood.  So sweet and so fun.

image image image image image image image image image image image

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