Forgive us

We’re in ultimate transition mode and the blog has been admittedly neglected.  Sorry!

This week, we have a lot going on.  We are doing paperwork for the mortgage, submitting offers, withdrawing offers, awaiting 2 inspections, getting two baby teeth, ending my job, and gearing up for family vacation this weekend at the lake with my family.  Someday soon, I will actually start packing up this house.  I can’t even go there right now.

This past weekend was a blur.  Our house in the woods is pending an August 19th closing date.  You know what that means?  We have to move.  Somewhere else.  Soon.  And so, with carefully planned car napping, we scooted off to Lafayette to house hunt this weekend.

We found a house we loved, a house we liked immensely, and two duds, which isn’t bad for a whirlwind jaunt of househunting in my book.   We have methods for choosing houses from afar–if you are interested, shoot me an email and I will break it down for you.  Anyway, after the inspection report on the much loved 40s bungalow with beautiful dark woodwork, we kindly walked away.  Gutting the plumbing and electric isn’t really in our DIY to do list, and getting a loan on such a money pit isn’t possible, so the cash offer plus intense repairs chalked it right off our list.  Goodbye, dream layout and woodwork (says Meg).  Goodbye, moneypit (says Tim).

The second house is bigger, closer to the park, in a quieter and equally safe neighborhood, and has no major structural/repair issues aside from cosmetic.  Speaking of cosmetic, it is covered not only in ostentatious wallpaper and floral carpets over the original wood floors, but also more spindles and turned dowel embellishments than you can imagine.  It is totally blocking my interior design Chi.   We have an offer in and will know by tomorrow whether or not it’s ours.  Stay tuned.

After Lafayette, we headed to my parents.  Three detours and three hours later with a devastated child, we spent the afternoon swimming and visiting and it was so relaxing.  Tim and I both needed it terribly.  We got to visit my grandpa who is recovering from a wicked fall, and Silas always loves hearing his deep voice, although Papaw was totally trumped by the pets this time around.  Si was motivated enough to crawl a little bit in an effort to get a handful of that soft dog.  I love it when he shows off his tricks.  Silas, not the dog.

Sunday, Silas and I made the rounds.  We had breakfast with Aubrey, coffee with the family of former nanny babe, Amelia, who is now 5!, a visit with Grandma Janet and Papaw Jim, lunch with Papaw and Leanne and Kathryn, a visit with Dan and Robyn and their growing brood, and then came home to dinner with the best neighbors ever.  Elizabeth made linguine with artichokes, fresh yellow tomatoes, chantrelle mushrooms from our woods, and fresh basil and parsley.  As usual, her cooking was to die for.  Silas had his first pasta and loved it!  Dinner was followed by a little bluegrass, which Silas adores.  He clapped and sang along with his buddy, Seamus.  Happy baby!


Poor Si has gotten two more teeth this week (we are up to SIX teeth) and he is still working on those top two that refuse to come through.  He is such a trooper about the teething.  Happy all day, but restless all night.  The poor kid needs some decent sleep, so here’s hoping family vacation this weekend wears him out enough to sleep despite the teeth.  We are so excited!  Oliver said “Meggy, when do I get to see my baby?”  I think the boys will be equally excited to see each other.  Darling.     Bring on some lakeside relaxation!  This little family is SO ready.


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