7 months

We have a 7 month old.  Crazy.  He is such a little human and we are enjoying him so much these days.  Silas is making some major strides in becoming a toddler, and it’s sort of freaking me out.

He has FOUR teeth now–two on center bottom, and two on top that are only on the left side…  he’s going to be a looker until those other two come down!

He is army crawling about a foot in any given direction, which won’t last long.  He is going to be chasing MamaCat all over the house in a matter of days.  

He is sitting for long periods of time and knows how to get down to his belly to grab some fetching toy that catches his eye.

He is eating like a monster!  Bananas, sweet potatoes, and peas are still the favorites.

He is finally on a solid sleep/wake schedule after six months of slumber chaos for all parties.  We are getting a few great naps a day and sleeping 12 hours at night, usually with just one wake up at 3am.  Booyah!

Blowing a lot of slobbery bubbles and giving lots of kisses, but still only saying “Mama” at this point.  He did start waving when we say “hi” on and off, and he squeals hideously when he is ready for a change of scenery.  Oh, boy.


Good job, baby!  Keep on growing!


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