Nothing says party like a wedding, a namesake, a swim, and a tooth

A little slow on the uptake here, sorry this is so late.  The weekend began on Thursday for us, which was lovely!  We drove to Columbus, Ohio to meet Peter and Barbara for lunch, and then later for vino at our hotel.  Peter is my professor from my studies in Rome and also the one who lent us his flat when we honeymooned in Italia.  He also happens to be Si’s namesake and one of our very favorite human beings on the planet.  Needless to say, we had a fantastic visit.  Despite the fact that we were on the road yet again by 7am to drive to the middle of Illinois, we are so glad we went.


This was a big weekend for the Ballard clan because Sara and Derek got married this weekend!  As her maid of honor said, “neither rain, broken zipper nor sprained ankle could put a damper on love”.  There were wardrobe malfunctions.  There was a mishap with Heather’s espadrille resulting in ice packs.  There were torrential downpours just before the ceremony as we finished pictures, causing the whole shindig to move to the reception hall a half hour away.  But you know, it was all fine and beautiful in the end.  Tim and I decided we really liked having everyone seated and ready to start celebrating during the ceremony.  It was easy and comfortable and fun.  I lost my phone for a large part of the day (shocking, I know) so there are just a few pictures so far:


Silas was a champion the entire weekend.  He had his first swim AND got his third tooth.  We drove 975 miles in four days and he slept through most of them.  He slept well in the hotel rooms after the first night and stayed up way too late every night without much fussing.

A few people have asked how we approached the weekend with an infant with two parents in the bridal party.  My approach to Si’s schedule this weekend was to squeeze five 45 minute naps in while driving to and from the venues instead of his usual three long naps, and then to be flexible about nighttime as long as he was happy.  I am a big proponent for keeping kids on their schedules for the most part while traveling.  I was raised that way, I have seen it work in all of my nannying in the last decade, and I just think kids thrive when they know what to expect and get enough sleep.

This weekend was an exception and we did what we could to keep him rested, then just went with it.  The thing about visiting family is that everyone is so excited to see him that they don’t want the night to end, even when he is exhausted and miserable.  Even then, the requests are accompanied by comments about how they don’t mind if he is crying.  That’s nice and all, but a crying kid needs something, so it really is about the baby and not the visiting at that point, which was a hard thing all around this weekend.  Making sleep the priority paid off for him, because the wedding day he was a happy, social baby the entire very long day despite only getting three crappy naps instead of five.  Best baby ever.


We got home late Sunday night and found out last minute there was supposed to be a showing from 6-7pm.  We scurried around and tidied our travel bags that we foolishly hoped to leave in the middle of the living room floor for the night, and then they didn’t show up.  The neighbors said we had several drive by’s every day that we were gone and we are at 15+ showings in under three weeks.  Monday hummed this same tune with three showings during the 2 o’clock hour.  To get out of the house, we all went to town to have Turkish food at Anatolia.  Silas especially loved that we sat on floor cushions.  I should have snapped a picture, but I didn’t.  Sorry!  Today we are back to the grind and it feels like we have had a week off, so we’re ready.


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