Our Weekend in Photos

Well, half of it.  My Mom came Sunday and in all my gallivanting excitement, I didn’t take a single picture of her time here with Boo baby.

This weekend was beautiful and totally enjoyable.  Saturday morning, we slept in a little and headed downtown pretty quickly.  We went to the Farmers’ Market, as usual, where we got some fresh food, and then headed over to the Arts Fair on the Square.  It was awesome!   It’s once a year, and the square is covered with tents and booths of the most creative people you’ll find in one place.  I find it totally inspiring.

Our favorite find was The Collective Press which is run by the most charming, lovely gal whom we loved instantly.  She is looking for a techy intern and I secretly want to do it!  Here are some of her rockin’ screen printed goods, including hounds-tooth note card sets and cool bicycle t-shirts which I failed to capture.


We are still totally loving this original art print we got for the future office:


She is working on creating an online store with greater overhead, so definitely look her up and check back around the holiday season if you have writers in your life.  Our print was only ten bucks and it is 6″x10″ on a hefty cardboard base.  Affordable and original stuff.  She has some adorable New Years cards that I can’t wait to buy!  (The Collective Press on Facebook is the best way to keep up with her.)

We also keep seeing this guy around town.  He was an English major (shocker–a wandering English major with no career) and takes great pride in his baristo cold brew method for his iced coffee from his days in New York.  Of course I couldn’t resist his witty logo.  Get it?  Uel Zing?  You’ll zing?  As in caffeination.  Plus his name is Sam”Uel”, so it’s pretty super in my book.  You know I geek out about stuff like that.  I just can’t help myself.


As for the rest of the morning, we strolled, Si slept in the stroller, and we all sweated.  It was sweltering.  Hello, Indiana summertime!


Hot husband (figuratively).  Hot baby (literally).  We stripped him down to a diaper and got his hair wet to cool him off.  Then he played in the grass with Sophie and all the passersby gawked at his darlingness.



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