Favorite Things: Baby Edition


In honor of our handful of expecting friends, this is a collection of our 0-6 month faves.  After raising other people’s babies for the last several years, I have a pretty good idea about what I love.  The favorites for me need to be functional, stylish, durable, and affordable–not easy criteria to meet in the world of baby goods!

These are the things we loved, and all of them are under $15 available on Amazon.  I should be providing the links, but Tim just came home for lunch unexpectedly, so I’ll make you do the work if you want them while I go have a lunch date.  (Also, you go ahead and try to convince people to stop buying a bunch of things you don’t really need once they see your bundle of joy–it ain’t easy. If you succeed, I want to know your secret.)

  Classical Baby:  The Music Show  and the others in the collection (art, dance, poetry shows) are lovely, simple classical music themed 25 minute shows.  I am not a fan of Baby Einstein, but these are alright in my book.  Sometimes you just need 25 minutes to regroup or cook dinner.  $6

Muslin swaddle blankets are great for chewing, snuggling, and covering up from the sun, and they also reduce the risk of SIDS (you can find a pack for $15 for 3 at TJ Maxx, but Aden+Anais are pictured and run about $35 for four)

Thermos Foogo stainless steel sippy cup–truly leak proof.  Amen!  $12  (We also like Nalgene sippies, but they do eventually leak when the seals get broken in.  You can buy new seals, but they are $6 for two replacements.  The Foogo we have has been through two boys before Si and is still going strong.  Bite the bullet and get the good one!)

SkipHop Duncks are the best bath toy ever for floating, pushing, chewing, drinking from, and pouring.  They are by far Si’s fave.  $9

Leveret jammies are sylish, affordable, and we don’t have any yet.  But we will!  $12

Robeez makes baby shoes, and they happen to make THE best baby socks on the planet.  Next kid, I will not buy any other kind.  The bummer is the lack of innovative color choices, but they have a stretchy part at the ankle as well as the top of the sock–genius.  $10 for 3 pairs

Indestructibles:  Mama and Baby.  Fantastic, machine washable, rip proof, chew proof, crinkly, awesome baby books.  Lots of cool titles!  $2-$6

Mustela baby wash and lotion, the #1 European baby product that smells amazing.  People constantly ask what we use.  That’s it.  A tiny dab of lotion covers all hints of spit up on your way out the door, believe us.  $10

Jellycat black and white giraffe.  I’m not into stuffed animals, but Jellycat makes the sweetest floppy ones–we have the zebra.  This giraffe is my second pick.  $12

Nuby teether.  This thing has saved our lives.  Seriously.  $4  (Note:  We also love Sophie the Giraffe, but I have nannied so many babes who didn’t love her that I hesitate to recommend spending $20 on a very cute, very popular giraffe.  See if you can borrow it from someone who doesn’t use it anymore.  That’s my advice.)  

Manhattan Toy Company Skwish:  Great for teething, sound exploration, tactile exploration, and it doesn’t hurt terribly when they topple over on it.  $12 (They have them at Once Upon a Child for $1.50 on occasion…  keep your eyes open!)

I also saw this great link for 15 toys that meet all the developmental milestones of the first year and beyond.  Written by an occupational therapist mama.

Edit:  One thing I don’t love…  The Chicco stroller that goes with our travel system!  I had two different sets (green/gray and brown) thinking it was just the secondhand stroller, but no.  There is a design flaw with the stroller handle.  It is loose. Not in a dangerous, life threatening, it can come apart way, but rather in a just loose enough to totally jostle and wake your sleeping baby if you try to ease the stroller up or down a curb or bump or doorway kind of way.  Totally annoying.


5 thoughts on “Favorite Things: Baby Edition

  1. Great list! Ditto on the Chicco Travel System… one of my regrets for sure. I have already sold it off to someone else. It is way too bulky. Now on to a double stroller. Eek!

  2. We have definitely loved the Skip Hop ducks for the bath (son still loves them at 2 years old and they’re so functional for rinsing hair) and the Indestructible chew-proof book was such a lifesaver when our son seemed like he would NEVER get out of the mouthing stage. Thanks for linking to my post!

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