Limits: We All Have ‘Em

Our life in Bloomington has been fraught with decisions that mostly involved travelling.  We live just close enough that we feel guilty or like we are missing out if we don’t come to extended family functions and just far enough away that we can’t just day trip it, which ends up eating the whole weekend.  Such has been our free time crisis for the last two years.  We don’t feel connected in Bloomington because we don’t spend free, relaxed time here.  Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love it here, but we wonder if we would do it all again if we wouldn’t do a few things differently.  Say no more often to weekends away, try to look at our own tiny family as the priority over the larger family functions, maybe even live in town instead of in our peaceful place in the boonies we love so much.  Who knows?    

This weekend, we intended to go see my family and attend the Schleeter gathering that we missed last year.  We debated getting the house ready and then heading up north at ten, we debated leaving the house like it was for the first showing, we discussed how many times I have mentioned looking forward to seeing all the Schleeter babies on the same blanket and in the same yard, fishing poles swinging dangerously close to toddler heads and happy boys oblivious to all such things, blinded by the tiny glimmer of hope of catching a bluegill.  

Instead, I decided I was at my limit.  If you know me at all, you know I very rarely get to my limit where I just can’t take anymore.  We had company for the last week, which was so, so helpful in so many ways, but still out of our routine.  I kept my cold at bay for the last several days and lost the good fight today.  Tim has been working late, taking calls and being everyone’s superhero after hours because people’s quality of life is literally at stake and he is so good at his job.  There was no denying our house needed to be completely overhauled today for our first (and second) showings.  I just couldn’t do one more thing, and so we stayed home, complete with a sense of dissapointment-laden defeat and the knowledge that it was all my own doing.      

Our first showing was at ten this morning.  We are morning people, but no amount of morning hours would have been enough (ok, like 10 would have helped) to finish the to do list I had created in my head.  We prioritized, did what we could and got out the door.  And you know what we did?  We went to the lake and fed Silas.  We went to town, parked, went to the library, had a lunch date and took a stroll on Kirkwood.  We walked in the sunshine, saw strangers smiling at the summertime beauty, saw our baby experiencing new faces and new territory, and it was the sweetest morning ever.  It is the kind of morning we envisioned having most weekends in moving here, and yet I can’t think of a single weekend we have done it for the sake of one commitment or another.  

Here’s a challenge for you.  Take a day and create the day you always thought in your head would be the most relaxing, enjoyable day where you live.  Don’t wait for someone to come visit to seek out the things your town has to offer, and don’t wait for someone to go with you or it may never happen.  Do it for yourself.  You deserve it.    


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