For Sale: Peace and Quiet

Let me give you a hint:  it’s in the woods.  We have had our house on the market since Tuesday, and we already have two showings today, despite the fact that our online profile has no pictures yet.  We are still open to staying here another year if it doesn’t sell, so if it’s a quick turnaround, we will be all atwitter and maybe even a little devastated.  

Let’s rewind to yesterday.  At about three o’clock, Tim’s parents left after a week long visit helping us do finishing work, yard work, and other tedious tasks.  Thank goodness for that, because as soon as they left, I had a call for a showing today at 10am.  PANIC.  Full on panic melting down mommy at the GB house.  Oh, boy.  

We worked furiously on the rest of our (enormous) list until I dropped at about eight, and Tim at about midnight.  Still so much to do, but Tim got the basement in at least presentable shape.  This morning, I woke at five with a wicked cold.  At 7:30, Tim got a call from work (never a good thing) and Si was ready for the day, happy as usual.  Round two of panic ensues.  We scrambled, shoving random things into totes and laundry baskets that are temporarily living in our cars, but by golly, at five ’til ten, we were out of here and the house looked like this:


There are lots of things we didn’t do that we hoped to, and there are lots of things might have done just a little differently, but this house is ready for someone to come put their spin on the most peaceful life in the woods they can imagine.  

Until then, we are loving the lack of stuff!  I mean LOVING.  Tim is in the basement finishing up a bit of trimming work before the five o’clock showing, and then I think we will officially force ourselves to retire the DIY mode for the rest of our time here.  If you come by tomorrow, don’t be surprised to see us marathoning some tv show on the couch, hot tea in hand.  Ok, probably just an episode here and there at naptime.  But still.


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