Happy Woodsy Time

We have been on a blogging hiatus because Tim’s parents have been here this week helping us finish up projects all over the house.  Yikes!  I won’t get into those just now because I haven’t taken any photos of them yet.  Here are a few random pics from the week.  We have had lots of walks, a few much needed dinners out, lots of help during the day to let me get things done, and lots of giggles with Grammie and Papa and Silvano P.

The house and yard are vastly improving.  Papa Rog has been working in the yard ALL week long, Mary Kay has been wielding a paint brush with me as we trimmed out an ungodly amount of woodwork this week, ReStore came and took away literally half a UHaul’s worth of furniture (AWESOME) and Tim made great progress in the basement office we are creating.  Huge achievements on all fronts.  I hope I can hire out the finishing work in our next house, can I just say that?

Si is loving his Daddy lately and tends to cry when he leaves the room unexpectedly and squeal as soon as he sees him after work.  Pretty sweet.  Tim is such a cute dad.  He takes the babe for a walk up the lane every night after work and Si babbles the whole way.  I think he is talking to the trees.  Sweet hippie baby!

Stay tuned for house pics to come.



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