Tim and I are pretty famous for making big changes, including getting married five months after we began dating and moving to various cities around the world without much notice.  I know some people think this is a crazy way to live, and we get that, but sometimes we just feel like we have mentally transcended, and often this translates to geographic movement as well.

Surprise!  We have decided to move.  We have talked a lot about it over the last several months, drafting and re-drafting our top three personal priorities for a new place to live.  Well, this week we decided for certain and called The Don, as we call him, about listing the house.  We will be moving to Lafayette, which is an hour and a half to either set of Si’s extended families and two hours flat to either Bloomington or Chicago, our two favorite Midwestern places. We are looking quite forward to spending more weekends doing things we want to be part of our lives and less time driving to see our families.   We have had mixed reactions, but we don’t really mind because we feel great about it.

For clarity’s sake, I should add that we are moving either this August or next Spring, pending offers on the house and working around Tim’s teaching experiences for his graduate program.  Potentially, we could be here another year and we are fine with that, but it felt like a good time to transition since we were both feeling gross about our jobs and trying to get things set up for our little family.

The past few days have been completely nuts trying to get big projects done so we can stage the house with one week’s notice.  It will officially be on the market on Saturday, just in case you’re jonesing for an A frame in the woods a mile from Lake Monroe.  It truly has been one of the craziest years of our lives, despite staying put in the Midwest.  One could argue the moving around and living in far away lands was markedly less crazy than moving into this house, taking down all the walls, and pregnantly fixing this puppy up one weekend at a time.

This weekend we tackled the island top from reclaimed oak, which is the same wood as the exposed wood in the ceiling of the kitchen and we are digging it.  We also finally did some major work in the basement with mudding drywall, painting everything a nice, soft camel color, and laying carpet.  We also did a ton of woodwork caulking and adding final pieces of baseboard, and we are shocked at the visual difference caulk can make!


There is more to be done in the basement, but this is so much progress.  We are still going to add a stone facade to the bottom of the walls, different furniture, a rug makeover, and a few other aesthetic changes.  Let’s not forget, we started here:


This week, we have to have the random jacuzzi tub un-plumbed and carpet/paint/furnish that room for staging.  We also have to tackle the rest of our disastrous living space, which currently looks like this:


Yup, that’s our old couch in our bedroom, loaded with crap that doesn’t belong there.  Keeping it real.  It’s pretty intense around here right now.  Here’s to wrapping things up so we can enjoy our clutter free house!  Why does it take a move to motivate us to get rid of all the crap taking up space and energy, anyway?


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