May Picks

As usual, we’re reading a few things…  and here’s the best of it.  Nothing too cerebral, but nevertheless making our lives significantly better.

This book was featured on the virtual book club at Modern Parents, Messy Kids.
Great blog and great book.  For those of us who are time managers by nature (me) and for those who aren’t (Tim), this book has poignant relevance for the art of actually doing the things that make you happy.  Here’s a blurb on the chapter about time:


  • “I do have time, if I make time for the things that are important to me.” I love the idea of cramming your life full of what you love. If something is going to fall off, it will be the things you don’t really value as much.
  • “Working is one of the most dangerous forms of procrastination.” I am so guilty of this! I can procrastinate all day long by doing things that “need” to be done like the laundry or checking prices of airline tickets or any other dozens of things that are necessary, but aren’t actually as important as whatever it is I’m procrastinating”

I have an ineffable love for this book.  It saved our lives sanity in about 48 hours flat.  After lots of trial and error on our part, we read up on Si’s not so average sleep personality (post colic, high reflux, easy tempered, short napping, night owl of a babe) and we finally have a kid who is getting better sleep at night AND napping longer stretches during the day.  Jackpot!  This book’s approach kicks in at about four months, but also offers troubleshooting through childhood for sleep issues, should you need them.  As a true proponent of moderation in parenting styles, I found it to be an approachable, balanced alternative to the more rigid Babywise and the more lax attachment parenting/Sears method.

Enough about that.  Si’s picks, without a doubt:

We are also watching Rookie Blue season four, which kicked off last week.  It’s a Canadian summer series about hot cops that airs on ABC.  So lame, and we so love it.

We are spending the next two weekends at home to do some finishing work on the house.  Caulking baseboards, painting and carpeting the basement, finishing paint out in the loft that we have ignored for literally one whole year…   maybe a few other small projects here and there.  Stay tuned for an updated house tour in a week or two.


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