6 Months (still)

I didn’t have my camera here to do our official 6 month pictures, so here they are.


Let’s be honest; he always looks like the last picture these days.


One thought on “6 Months (still)

  1. to the greatest friend one can have, lot of letters-from Onarga-to DePaul-to South America-you had so many choices-LOOKS LIKE YOU MADE THE RIGHT ONE TIM.Was always proud of what ever you did-proud of you as a husband-a dad-a father. What a great gift from God-pictures are so special. Hope your doing well. Busy keeping the churches going/no word on our priest open heart surgery–started out with lung failure-they believe it could mold or bat droppings in the rectory/have had three inspections this week-the one from Joliet said they may have to take off the roof-I say tear it down and build a new one. Doing ok-your letter from way back when and the cross from.America I think of you often-especially in my thoughts and prayers-don’t think I have seen you any happier/God speed

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