Our Weekend in Photos

We had company this weekend!  Aubrey and Keith came to spend the day on Saturday and it was so fun and relaxing.  We met downtown at the Farmers’ Market and strolled a bit, then had Turkish for lunch at Anatolia.  I just can’t ever get enough of their red lentil soup.  Luckily, Aubrey is the only person I know who loves lentil soup as much as I do.  After that, we came back to the woods and visited for several hours.  Tim and Keith did some manly grilling of turkey burgers later in the evening.

Sunday we woke up relatively early and went to the lake to sit for an hour while Si napped.  I love that our babe is adaptable and will sleep anywhere for a solid 45 minutes, even when some guy throws his oars ashore and drags his kayak through the gravel about three feet from a sleeping baby.  Thanks, dude.  Silas slept through it anyway, but I was throwing my Mom face at his oblivious back, hardcore.

After the lake, we went to town for a few things and passed Bloomington Hardware, our fave local hardware store.  Their sign said “last day for BOGO paint” and, taking it as a sign from above, we pulled in to buy six gallons of paint.  We had back-burner’d the basement painting project as well as the exterior block and decks, but at half price per gallon, we couldn’t pass it up.  Tim painted all afternoon like a champ and I piddled with the roller but couldn’t get jazzed about it.  It is looking so much better.

Here are some of our weekend shots from my phone (sorry) since Log and Ness still have my camera for the moment.  I promise better pictures next week.



More updates on the house to come.  We are planning a major home improvement month for the rest of May and into June, including some hired help for the first time since we had Ron help us with drywall finishing.  We are ready for some progress that doesn’t make us sweat for a change.  Exciting!

Stay tuned, someone has a half birthday tomorrow and I’ll be back with a post about mister S.


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