We clocked over 500 miles, two extended families, a move, a birthday, a bridal shower, and three cookouts this weekend.  Si also got his first cold, but he was still a champion with his giggles and typical good mood.  Best baby ever.  

Friday, we got off work early to drive North to move Kait and Oliver.  Painless!  One big trip and done.  The next morning, we went to John’s Diner for our usual visit with John and Mary.  Best bacon in the world, and sweetest people.  We were on the road by 7:30 to go see Logan and Vanessa.  Saturday was Log’s 28th birthday, and Ness threw him a surprise party!  We were the secret keepers, which is pretty funny since neither Tim nor I can keep a secret to save our lives.  He thought we were just coming for the weekend, but when they got back from hiking, our family, Nessi’s family, and Log’s Chicago friends were all there to greet him.  The party was complete with great food, pretty weather despite an iffy forecast, and a piñata in typical Log/Ness fashion.  So cute.  Here are some pictures of the party, thanks to Bridget, Nessi’s sister.  It doesn’t even look like her family was there…but they were!  So nice to meet her parents and brother, and to see her sisters again.  



Mid-party, we left for Illinois to catch Sara’s bridal shower.  If I hadn’t left my camera at Logan’s house, this would have been well documented, but we will have to settle for these from Sara’s facebook page instead.  The shower was relaxed and lovely, and Silas was the stud of the event.  Sara looked beautiful!  Marla (standing next to me in the bridesmaids picture below) had her bambina that night!  Welcome, baby Haley!



I am going to be better about documenting things in pictures.  On the drive home yesterday, we were all pretty miserable, but it sure was nice to see soooo many family members in one fell swoop. 


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