Sprucing Up the Woodsy Home


I’m not big on houseplants, but this time of year makes me wish we had a whole room dedicated to them.  Coming home to the woods for the last few days has felt positively cathartic.  The green green forest triggers feelings of life at its most fundamental, natural level while I breathe in the almost visible oxygen.  Silas will be an outdoor playing kid, you can safely hedge a bet.

When you live in the woods, it is hard to do a whole lot with the yard.  We have so much shade when the trees are leafy and beautiful as they finally are now.  Roger (father-in-law, not grandpa) came to spend the week this week.  He and I tackled some huge yard projects.  In hindsight, I should have done a before and after.  It was pretty intense work since we raised and filled a bed alongside the house, transplanted and planted some new shrubs and a few pots, and finished everything out with 2 full yards of mulch.  Here are some shots of the finished project: ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Here are some other shots of the last week of our lives.
What we’re reading and listening to:
these two library finds:
and this super classical compilation:

The rest of the week involved a surprise wagon from Papa Roger that was Aunt Sara’s when she was a toddler, washing favorite toys, making Amatriciana pasta sauce (hold the onion, use canned puree, quadruple the garlic, and add 8 shakes paprika per 28 ounces of tomatoes) for dinner with neighbors, Nikki’s Healthy Cookies, lots of biscuits for Seamus our favorite neighbor dog, and lots of playtime with Si.

Loving that the weekend is only half over.  Tomorrow, Tim will be home (he is working today, poor guy) and we are back to the grind with his classes full time.  Nice to have a week off when his Dad was here.

Up next:  A trip to Alexandria to celebrate the life of my Aunt Betty who was one rockin’ lady, another trip up north on Friday followed by a trip to Lafayette Saturday morning, Onarga Saturday afternoon, and back home again to enjoy at least one hour of Mother’s Day in our own house.  Cheers!


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