Lafayette Weekend

This weekend was the annual March of Dimes walk in Lafayette and we went to support cousin Jack who is a feisty 2 year old now after being born at 1 pound, 10 ounces.  He is a rockstar!  No, really.  He wouldn’t go on stage with his parents and decided to go up with the mayor instead.  Big things in this kid’s future.


 (Pictures borrowed from Abbi, Jack’s mama)

We stayed at Log and Vanessa’s house and played with Zelda, their sweet dog.  They were in Chicago, so we didn’t get to see them which was a bummer.  We will be up there again in a few weeks for Log’s birthday.  It was such a beautiful Saturday for the walk!  We randomly got new tires that afternoon, which was convenient for driving home in the pouring rain on Sunday.  Tire Barn in Lafayette was super, in case you’re looking.

We have been doing a few home projects, but this week we are hoping to focus on the outside of the house since Tim’s Dad is coming to stay for the week and help out.  Tim has a break from his classes this week, which will be nice for all.  I will post the rest of the house updates and the yard at the end of the week.  Stay tuned.


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