Five months old!

The weekend is only half gone, but we are posting early since it’s Si’s fifth month on the planet.  He is getting so big!  Favorite things at five months old:

1.  Pinching your face.  Hard.  Then trying to eat you with grinning gusto.  
2.  Hearing his own voice.  He sings really impressive and elaborate arias.  Cute stuff.
3.  Being naked.  Of course, since he’s got Campbell in his blood.


This was the only picture I could get of him not crying this morning.  Teeth, those fickle wenches.  Despite teething pains, he gets more fun by the day and we are really starting to enjoy parenthoodl  He is the sweetest, most content and interactive baby.  Apparently the pituitary gland regulates at about five months and helps with sleep.  He has been doing well lately at night and we are grateful to feel well rested for as long as it lasts.  I woke up naturally for the first time since he was born this past week and was downright giddy.

In other news, my brother, Logan, came to visit this week and stayed over to avoid some storms. It was so fun to have him here!  Silas loved his deep voice.  Darling.


We had our friend Dan come lend a hand this weekend and the boys built a small deck off the front porch!  Originally, they had other home improvements on their minds, but as usual I was feeling inspired and thought it would be a simpler project than it actually was.  Oops.  But they did it!  Currently they are working indoors on a few other projects, so we may be back later with those updates.  Here are some pictures of the progress:



 Silas would like to play now, so that’s my cue.  Happy weekend!



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