Our Weekend in Photos

It was a warm week in the woods, for the most part.  My Mom came to visit and it was so relaxing and fun to have her here.  We had our first free weekend in a long time and made the best of it by having breakfast with friends on Saturday and doing our first plant shopping.  We grabbed a few things, but it is supposed to be cold again, so we are holding off on the major plant purchases.

In other news, we rearranged and bought an ottoman.  Image

We got a few windowsill herb pots and temporarily used them as a tomato plant home.

We mastered the M sound while we played with our Bug Jug from Aunt Sara.  Image



We got a new calendar!  I have a thing for cool calendars.  Last year, it was national parks.  This year, cities of the world a la younghouselove.com.Image

And finally, our forest is taking a cue from the warm weather and sprouting tiny green leaves while the magnolia welcomes us home with stunning blooms.  This picture reminds me that the outside of the house is the priority for the coming summer.  Yikes.Image

Up next for us:  a full week of work and school to be followed by a productive weekend with our friend, Dan, who is coming to lend manly hands so Tim can tackle some bigger projects.


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