Words of Wisdom

There has been a lot of talk in our house lately about important things and the precarious art of balancing them.  This is quite a hectic month, so the practice of balance is becoming more essential and less optional.  Tim’s graduate classes are in full swing for his elementary education licensure, his job is extra demanding because of some company dynamic shifts, I am nannying full time for a toddler who is not used to any sort of respect, limitations or naps, and Silas is working on some teeth and stretching out his night feedings.

These are all good things, for one reason or another.  The less comfortable of the above happenings are proving to teach us various things we need to learn, and maybe the reason they are all time consuming AND overlapping is to teach us how to structure our time better.   Talking about the passing time as a sort of currency helps us be more intentional about our commitments so that we have room for “life” in that small, stress free window at the end of the day.  In our house, we decided that “life” is when we are not at work, not thinking about work, and not doing homework.  It’s the time when we are together and present to each other.  I think that is something that each family defines for themselves, but that’s where we landed for a definition.

We have found that trying to maintain the mindset of what we are learning helps us both adjust to rougher phases of life.  The other day, I asked Tim the most important thing he has learned.  Have you ever considered that question?  We both spent a good bit of time before coming up with an answer.

Tim’s answer:  Never pass up the opportunity to travel.

My answer:  When you don’t like something about your life and you want it to change, put your foot down and make room for what will come next.  Do it because you know you deserve better, because you know you aren’t where you are supposed to be, because you know no one else can do it for you.

Wise words spurn the Springtime of the soul.

What is the absolute most important lesson you have learned in your life?  

Think on it and leave us a comment.   We’d love to hear it!


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