Our (Farmers’ Market) Weekend in Photos

Huzzah!  It’s Farmers’ Market season!  It was chilly when we went since we are early birds, but it was so lovely to see the beginnings of beautiful flowers, fresh produce, and smiling faces of the local vendors as they greet another Springtime growing season.  We bought some arugula and some fresh basil so that we can make goat cheese and arugula BLT’s tomorrow, FARMBloomington style.  

It was a hectic week.  I am in full swing with the chatty toddler, Si had his 4 month check up, Leanne and Kathryn came to visit, and then this morning we went to the market.  After we got home, Sara came to visit and play with Si so I had time to get in not one, but two blog entries.   Here are some pictures from our mostly warm and sunny weekend.




We are off to eat some Greek food and enjoy the last of the warm day.  Loving that it’s only Saturday and we have no plans for tomorrow, so hopefully we will make the best of that and get some R&R before the week starts.  


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