Easter weekend

Our weekend was awesome.  Tim’s parents came to visit on Friday and left this morning, and it was great for them to have some quality time with Si.  We had 60 degree weather on Saturday!  It is truly starting to feel like Spring, despite the snow flurries this morning.  

Church this week was especially interesting because we had our interim minister for the first time.  Our two co-ministers have sabbaticals staggered throughout this year and one of them retires next year, so Barbara Child will be around to fill in for the next few years.  I really enjoyed her because she is sort of blunt and witty and maybe a little more honest about things than some would prefer.  She spoke of Easter as a time for fresh beginnings, new perspectives, and the perfect time to awaken to the best version of yourself after “slumbering” through seasons of past choices.  I think of the four Ballards in attendance, I found her most inspiring.     

As for the rest of the weekend, Tim rented a super duper leaf blower on Saturday and it made quick work of it.  Everyone else pitched in and raked the flower beds.  The yard looks really naked and ready for some grass, so hopefully with the leaves gone, the sunshine will bring some green.  


Si was having a great time playing in the yard, but he insisted on spinning around until he hung off the mat like the wicked witch of the east and doing bicycle feet in the mud.  Don’t disturb a happy baby, we say.   


We had such beautiful food for Easter dinner.  Spiral sliced ham, a gorgeous spinach salad with cranberries and walnuts and a bacon dressing, asparagus with balsamic tomatoes and goat cheese, baked sweet potatoes, and hearty LaBrea bread.  Elizabeth and Karma came over and brought homemade shortcakes, strawberries in a cherry butter and raspberry juice sauce, organic vanilla ice cream, and lemon curd for dessert.  It was AMAZING.  

Sadly, I had a technological glitch and deleted the rest of the photos from Saturday and Sunday, so we are going to reenact Easter and be back with those pictures later.  It is terribly lucky that we decided to postpone Silas’ baby dedication at church until the Fall since I lost all of the pictures from Sunday!  That would have been a little devastating.

 Up next:  a little before and after action after a year in this house.  





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