Lafayette Weekend

This weekend was the annual March of Dimes walk in Lafayette and we went to support cousin Jack who is a feisty 2 year old now after being born at 1 pound, 10 ounces.  He is a rockstar!  No, really.  He wouldn’t go on stage with his parents and decided to go up with the mayor instead.  Big things in this kid’s future.


 (Pictures borrowed from Abbi, Jack’s mama)

We stayed at Log and Vanessa’s house and played with Zelda, their sweet dog.  They were in Chicago, so we didn’t get to see them which was a bummer.  We will be up there again in a few weeks for Log’s birthday.  It was such a beautiful Saturday for the walk!  We randomly got new tires that afternoon, which was convenient for driving home in the pouring rain on Sunday.  Tire Barn in Lafayette was super, in case you’re looking.

We have been doing a few home projects, but this week we are hoping to focus on the outside of the house since Tim’s Dad is coming to stay for the week and help out.  Tim has a break from his classes this week, which will be nice for all.  I will post the rest of the house updates and the yard at the end of the week.  Stay tuned.


Five months old!

The weekend is only half gone, but we are posting early since it’s Si’s fifth month on the planet.  He is getting so big!  Favorite things at five months old:

1.  Pinching your face.  Hard.  Then trying to eat you with grinning gusto.  
2.  Hearing his own voice.  He sings really impressive and elaborate arias.  Cute stuff.
3.  Being naked.  Of course, since he’s got Campbell in his blood.


This was the only picture I could get of him not crying this morning.  Teeth, those fickle wenches.  Despite teething pains, he gets more fun by the day and we are really starting to enjoy parenthoodl  He is the sweetest, most content and interactive baby.  Apparently the pituitary gland regulates at about five months and helps with sleep.  He has been doing well lately at night and we are grateful to feel well rested for as long as it lasts.  I woke up naturally for the first time since he was born this past week and was downright giddy.

In other news, my brother, Logan, came to visit this week and stayed over to avoid some storms. It was so fun to have him here!  Silas loved his deep voice.  Darling.


We had our friend Dan come lend a hand this weekend and the boys built a small deck off the front porch!  Originally, they had other home improvements on their minds, but as usual I was feeling inspired and thought it would be a simpler project than it actually was.  Oops.  But they did it!  Currently they are working indoors on a few other projects, so we may be back later with those updates.  Here are some pictures of the progress:



 Silas would like to play now, so that’s my cue.  Happy weekend!


Our Weekend in Photos

It was a warm week in the woods, for the most part.  My Mom came to visit and it was so relaxing and fun to have her here.  We had our first free weekend in a long time and made the best of it by having breakfast with friends on Saturday and doing our first plant shopping.  We grabbed a few things, but it is supposed to be cold again, so we are holding off on the major plant purchases.

In other news, we rearranged and bought an ottoman.  Image

We got a few windowsill herb pots and temporarily used them as a tomato plant home.

We mastered the M sound while we played with our Bug Jug from Aunt Sara.  Image



We got a new calendar!  I have a thing for cool calendars.  Last year, it was national parks.  This year, cities of the world a la

And finally, our forest is taking a cue from the warm weather and sprouting tiny green leaves while the magnolia welcomes us home with stunning blooms.  This picture reminds me that the outside of the house is the priority for the coming summer.  Yikes.Image

Up next for us:  a full week of work and school to be followed by a productive weekend with our friend, Dan, who is coming to lend manly hands so Tim can tackle some bigger projects.

Words of Wisdom

There has been a lot of talk in our house lately about important things and the precarious art of balancing them.  This is quite a hectic month, so the practice of balance is becoming more essential and less optional.  Tim’s graduate classes are in full swing for his elementary education licensure, his job is extra demanding because of some company dynamic shifts, I am nannying full time for a toddler who is not used to any sort of respect, limitations or naps, and Silas is working on some teeth and stretching out his night feedings.

These are all good things, for one reason or another.  The less comfortable of the above happenings are proving to teach us various things we need to learn, and maybe the reason they are all time consuming AND overlapping is to teach us how to structure our time better.   Talking about the passing time as a sort of currency helps us be more intentional about our commitments so that we have room for “life” in that small, stress free window at the end of the day.  In our house, we decided that “life” is when we are not at work, not thinking about work, and not doing homework.  It’s the time when we are together and present to each other.  I think that is something that each family defines for themselves, but that’s where we landed for a definition.

We have found that trying to maintain the mindset of what we are learning helps us both adjust to rougher phases of life.  The other day, I asked Tim the most important thing he has learned.  Have you ever considered that question?  We both spent a good bit of time before coming up with an answer.

Tim’s answer:  Never pass up the opportunity to travel.

My answer:  When you don’t like something about your life and you want it to change, put your foot down and make room for what will come next.  Do it because you know you deserve better, because you know you aren’t where you are supposed to be, because you know no one else can do it for you.

Wise words spurn the Springtime of the soul.

What is the absolute most important lesson you have learned in your life?  

Think on it and leave us a comment.   We’d love to hear it!

Lakeside Lunch

We decided to go to the lake for lunch yesterday since it was blissfully warm and sunny.  I forgot to take a picture of our beautiful food, but sleepy Si was enjoying the outdoors.


Our (Farmers’ Market) Weekend in Photos

Huzzah!  It’s Farmers’ Market season!  It was chilly when we went since we are early birds, but it was so lovely to see the beginnings of beautiful flowers, fresh produce, and smiling faces of the local vendors as they greet another Springtime growing season.  We bought some arugula and some fresh basil so that we can make goat cheese and arugula BLT’s tomorrow, FARMBloomington style.  

It was a hectic week.  I am in full swing with the chatty toddler, Si had his 4 month check up, Leanne and Kathryn came to visit, and then this morning we went to the market.  After we got home, Sara came to visit and play with Si so I had time to get in not one, but two blog entries.   Here are some pictures from our mostly warm and sunny weekend.




We are off to eat some Greek food and enjoy the last of the warm day.  Loving that it’s only Saturday and we have no plans for tomorrow, so hopefully we will make the best of that and get some R&R before the week starts.  

Homeownership: A Year Later

We have lived in this house for a year and a month, and it is easy to forget that she’s come such a long, long way.  It was a busy year, what with the new homeownership, gutted house, pregnancy, and new parenthood.  For your viewing pleasure and our mental health, here’s a look at how far we’ve come.

House Tour 2012


House Tour 2013

_DSC0078_DSC0082 _DSC0080_DSC0012_DSC0085_DSC0007ImageImageImageImage

Don’t be fooled, I just snapped all of these pictures in our messy house and scooted the piles of stuff out of each shot.  #keepingitreal

Up next on our to do list:  carpeting and painting the basement, painting the outside of the house, installing new front and entry doors, reroofing and sprucing up the back porch, and a paint job in the loft bathroom.  A homeowner’s work is never done, but it looks a hell of a lot better than it used to and we are proud!

Easter weekend

Our weekend was awesome.  Tim’s parents came to visit on Friday and left this morning, and it was great for them to have some quality time with Si.  We had 60 degree weather on Saturday!  It is truly starting to feel like Spring, despite the snow flurries this morning.  

Church this week was especially interesting because we had our interim minister for the first time.  Our two co-ministers have sabbaticals staggered throughout this year and one of them retires next year, so Barbara Child will be around to fill in for the next few years.  I really enjoyed her because she is sort of blunt and witty and maybe a little more honest about things than some would prefer.  She spoke of Easter as a time for fresh beginnings, new perspectives, and the perfect time to awaken to the best version of yourself after “slumbering” through seasons of past choices.  I think of the four Ballards in attendance, I found her most inspiring.     

As for the rest of the weekend, Tim rented a super duper leaf blower on Saturday and it made quick work of it.  Everyone else pitched in and raked the flower beds.  The yard looks really naked and ready for some grass, so hopefully with the leaves gone, the sunshine will bring some green.  


Si was having a great time playing in the yard, but he insisted on spinning around until he hung off the mat like the wicked witch of the east and doing bicycle feet in the mud.  Don’t disturb a happy baby, we say.   


We had such beautiful food for Easter dinner.  Spiral sliced ham, a gorgeous spinach salad with cranberries and walnuts and a bacon dressing, asparagus with balsamic tomatoes and goat cheese, baked sweet potatoes, and hearty LaBrea bread.  Elizabeth and Karma came over and brought homemade shortcakes, strawberries in a cherry butter and raspberry juice sauce, organic vanilla ice cream, and lemon curd for dessert.  It was AMAZING.  

Sadly, I had a technological glitch and deleted the rest of the photos from Saturday and Sunday, so we are going to reenact Easter and be back with those pictures later.  It is terribly lucky that we decided to postpone Silas’ baby dedication at church until the Fall since I lost all of the pictures from Sunday!  That would have been a little devastating.

 Up next:  a little before and after action after a year in this house.