Monday madness

So, I’m not much for March Madness (Tim and Silas totally are), but I am one for Monday madness.  In fact I quite prefer it.  Tim came home from a long Monday and said four magical words:  “Let’s do crown moulding.”  I had really wanted to get it done on the weekend since it would really make a huge visual difference with the backsplash, but we ran out of hours and I knew it would be a big job, so we put it off for another weekend.  I was shocked that he was up for it after a rough day, having never done crown before, but he was amazing!  There were wonky angles and exterior mitered corners and the whole bit and he totally rocked it.  Silas, best baby ever, sleeps through the compressor and nail gun as well as the chop saw.  The kid only sleeps for 45 minutes but at least he sleeps like a rock!  Sweet boy.  By nine o’clock, we were done.  Ready for me to caulk and paint today!


Speaking of Si, look who has a new big boy carseat!  


And look how long he is getting!  Crazy.  The Gap jammies I swore would never fit… Sigh.


More home projects in the works this week, we hope.  Tons of company this weekend with the Campbell clan and Tim’s parents!  Woohoo!


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