Saint Patty is upon us

We have a special place in our hearts for all things Irish (Notre Dame, St. Patty’s, the color green…) and we were happy to run errands with this spirited fellow over the weekend.


(Sorry for the phone picture!)

We had a pretty exciting week because Silas is really starting to crack up on a regular basis.  We think it’s totally hilarious every single time.  I’m sure it will wear off.  It’s like my sister says, you end up with a newborn and hear yourself talking constantly about your kid’s new tricks or baby poop every time you are in decent company.  So true.

After errands to Target and the library, we came home to cook out since Saturday was so beautiful.  Our friends, Jess and Nate, came over and the boys got to meet Silas.  They were so excited and darling.

_DSC0779 _DSC0780 _DSC0781

Our tiniest cap finally fits now that this guy is topping 15 pounds.  He looked so cute at UU service this morning.  We haven’t been in a while, so it was nice to be back and see familiar faces.

_DSC0786 _DSC0788

He is getting so big!  He is rolling over again after a 2 month hiatus.  He rolled over at about four weeks and then has been too lazy to do it since.   He also is loving the upright life, observant kid that he is.



And one last huzzah for the week–he found his thumb again and keeps it in his mouth ALL day long except for naps, which is weird.  But this kid definitely has pruny thumbs all the time.



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