Long Weekend: sunny days, extended family, happy babe

We had a fantastic long weekend!  We went to visit my family because it was Oliver’s 4th birthday and because my uncle and cousin were in town from Texas for the first time in years. Silas was an absolute champ–I think he is turning a social corner and really enjoying new faces.  He was a happy babe the whole day long!

As usual with our extended family, we ended up with about 50 people in one spot for an afternoon and it was lovely to catch up with people we only see a few times a year at best.  Here are some shots of the weekend:ImageImage





We had a dozen kids there, most of whom were under the age of five.  I am pretty sure there were pretend sword fights, tea parties, pirate ship/tree house playing, new bike riding, and popcicles.  It was the first outside play day of the Spring and the kids were totally digging it.  So cute.  Silas got to meet his cousin, Solomon, who made his arrival a week before Si, and it was great to see Em, knowing we are on the exact same baby page (although she has three more than I do, so she is a pro by now).

Thanks to all the Schleeter crowd who made the trip to see Rob!  I was so happy to see you all.


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