Kitch Kitsch

We are going to be gone this weekend to celebrate Oliver’s 4th birthday and visit with my Uncle Rob and cousin, Chrislin.  Tim has never met them, so Silas certainly hasn’t either.  There will be lots of extended family visiting going on and we’re excited!

Since we won’t be here to work on the house this weekend, it’s safe to share what we’ve gotten done so far this week.  Ta da!


We have more cabinets above the fridge (currently doorless since they are wet) and are in the process of building an island.  It’s all primed but not painted, and ignore that the island is topped by a mirror and a pie board.  It works and we have already used it so many times and mused about the reasons we didn’t add it months ago.  We are still debating whether we have enough floor space to create an eat in kitchen feature, which would be good for resale in such a tiny living space.  Hm…  We still have a long list to do in the kitchen, like a backsplash and some more cabinet work, but we have some of the details coming together and it feels great!


This little guy is having a super (and slobbery) Wednesday.  We have been singing motown all day.  He loves it.





We enjoyed waking up to one of the last snows of the winter this morning, but we are equally excited about the warm weather heading our way for the weekend.  Bring on the sunshine.



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