Our Weekend in Photos

We did a few home projects this weekend and chilled with baby Boo.  He is such a snuggler.  We just love him.



I decided it was time to wash all the baby toys since they are going straight to the kid’s mouth.  My nanny toddler thought it was hilarious that she got to put them all in the bathtub.


Si has made huge strides this week in sleeping/waking routines and we are so grateful for decent sleep.  We are consistently down to two wake ups at night again.  He also seems to be over the hump of colic and is going to bed early enough that Tim and I can chill out and have a conversation (or dessert) before collapsing into our very comfy bed.  Turkey Hill chocolate ice cream is the shiz.  4 ingredients and it tastes like love.


This was well deserved.  Tim tackled the eaves in the kitchen that used to be disgusting exposed insulation.  Now they are closed up, caulked, and painted pretty white like the beams.


Silas is really digging his mobile these days.  He talks to the airplanes and finds them totally enthralling.  It is adorable.


Finally, I had my first baby free shopping excursion today and came home with Phil the ficus.  I love him already.  It’s so nice to have some green in our space, even if it isn’t real.


The weekend is half over.  On deck for tomorrow:  a potential meet up with Tim’s friends passing through our neck of the woods, rearranging our bedroom (again), and making a few purchases for the next phase of kitchen remodeling.  Be excited–it’s going to be awesome.


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