Just Can’t Get Enough

…of those crinkly toys.  Officially, every toy Silas picks up goes straight to his mouth.  His coordination isn’t the best and sometimes he gets his hands, but he seems pretty happy with fingers most of the time, even if the intent was something softer and cuter.  You should see the way he attacks Zebe the zebra and Gee the giraffe.  Zeal, I tell you.


Yup.  The kid is a slobbery mess and can’t get a decent nap.  Methinks we’ve got an early teether on our hands.

We had visitors on Friday!  Kait and Oliver came to visit.  I failed to take any pictures except these few:

Image Image_DSC0419 _DSC0416

We also spent the weekend in Champaign to celebrate the birthday of Tim’s sister, Sara.  It was a bit of a rough time for baby Boo, but all in all it was a happy visit and it was good to celebrate with the whole fam.

The week ahead doesn’t hold much for us, and we are grateful.  We are going to try to get back into a happy baby routine and relax this week with this guy.



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