Our Weekend in Photos

This weekend, Silas welcomed his Grammie and Papa Ballard to town for a few days.  He has grown so much since they were last here!  It was fun to see them, and Silas was such a sweet boy the whole time they were visiting.  


They brought him Skip Hop’s owl toy with crinkly wings for Valentine’s Day and he loves it!  He was talking to it and smiling at it and looked terribly thrilled when he got an accidental hold on one of the wings.  


We had a relaxing weekend with good food and good sleep.  Si is such a content baby almost all the time and he is getting to be so much fun.  


He’s even thinking about starting a revolution.  That’s our boy!  
He discovered his fist this week and spends a lot of time staring at it, and he reached for a toy this morning for the first time.  Go baby go!



That’s about it for our weekend.  Pretty laid back and relaxing.  Friday, Honey will come to visit and Saturday we will trek to Illinois for Aunt Sara’s birthday.  Baby on the go!



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