Our Valentine

So, it’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day changes a little when you have a bambino, and our day ended up being very sweet indeed.

Tim and I both worked and were off early to enjoy one of our first beautiful days in the 50s.  To celebrate our little family, we decided to bundle up Boo and take a walk down our long lane.  Si hasn’t been out yet except to go back and forth to the car, so we were excited to get him into the fresh air.  He grinned every time the breeze touched his face.  We were cracking up.  Isn’t Timmy a cute dad?


Obviously, after he was grinning at the wind, it didn’t take him long to conk right out.  I think it’s safe to say he loves the outdoors already.  Score one for his Daddy.

We went out to eat last weekend for Valentine dinner and when it was time to pay, someone had already paid for our meal!  That has never happened to us, and we don’t know many people here, so we are still trying to figure it out.  Regardless, it was such a lovely surprise!

On real Valentine’s Day, we knew we would be staying in with our often-evening-fussy babe.  I cooked our lovely grass fed steak, french onion soup, asparagus spears, and a wedge salad.  We even splurged on dessert with a Black and Tan cupcake from Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse, which is Tim’s all time favorite dessert and maybe even mine.  It tastes like the best Ding Dong or Swiss Cake Roll you have ever had in your life.  We popped our traditional Veuve Clicquot as well, which always reminds us of our honeymoon in Rome.  It was fitting for the most romantic holiday of the year.

Here is our Valentine’s Day loot.  It doesn’t look like much, but it sure made us all feel loved.  Silas had a package from Honey and Poppy, I got a super long massage with Monica-with-hands-of-steel at Les Champs Elysee (my favorite gift of all time) and Tim got a weekend in Chicago at our favorite hotel and two Cubs tickets with plans for Grammie and Papa to be on baby patrol so we can have an adult outing.  I also took a cue from Misha to make a jar with fun, baby-friendly outings around Bloomington for date ideas.  Most of them are free and outdoorsy, a few will require our sweet neighbors to keep Si, and all of them are things we have never done before.  Bring on the first year of parenthood and keeping love alive!


     Here’s to all the rest of the days of the year when people need just as much love as they did on Valentine’s Day, and to loving the people in our lives even when they are driving you nuts.  It happens, but it’s important.


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