Pretty woods.  Pretty baby.  Pretty mild winter…
What else could we ask?

We had the most beautiful, peaceful, fairy tale snow the other day.  Then, it all melted and we had a few sunny days in the 50s that made this little family totally giddy.

We had a lot of fun this week with a visit from Silas’ great grandfather, Papaw Roger!  Si also decided he really likes to sit like a big boy in his high chair and look at his black and white book.  He likes to make hilarious noises at the butterfly, especially.

This weekend, we will be doing home projects since Tim is going to be here.  (He worked more than 60 hours the past week, including all of last weekend.)  To celebrate, we spent our Friday night trying to get a family picture while we played in the nursery.
We get to meet a new baby this weekend!  Silas will have his first experience of not being the smallest human in the room.  Woop woop!  Congratulations to Matt and Alyssa on the second babe’s arrival.


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