This is what we do

I feel like we have turned into a baby blog for the last 2 months and had some guilt about not doing more home projects, but then I got several requests for baby pictures.  He is changing so much, so we are happy to oblige!  We pretty much hang out at home and play with him all the time. Ah, the life of new parents.

We tried out the Ergo this week and he likes it!  Especially in the evenings when he wants to be held and walked.  He used to be pretty colicky from 7-10 at night with lots of crying and bellyaches, but in the last few weeks we have transitioned to an earlier fussy period with no crying as long as we don’t sit down with him.  We’ll take it!  He has been in bed by nine for almost a week and is sleeping well most nights with just a few wake ups to eat.  The boy’s appetite never sleeps for long…

_DSC0084 _DSC0086

He is so happy and expressive in the mornings, and he is adding a happy window to that in the evenings. It’s great for Tim because he was missing those early happy hours when he was at work–now Silas is so happy to see Tim when he gets home, and Tim is adorable bantering with him.

_DSC0090 _DSC0096 _DSC0102

He is still a champion eater (obviously) and he really loves his morning naps, so it is a constant battle as to which will win.

I keep trying to upload a video and am having stress.  Going to try another route in a separate post.  Kendra, how do I do this??


4 thoughts on “This is what we do

  1. I was actually thinking about you this morning, as I started my Monday morning with poop on my arm. Ha. As far as videos, I like to upload them to YouTube (as unlisted, so creepers can find your videos if you don’t want them to), then I embed them into my post (by using the HTML link in the “Text” view not the “Visual” view on your post). If you upload your video to WordPress, you may run out of storage sooner than you’d like. And um… he is precious. I just want to squeeze him! xoxo

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